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Accommodating resistance training machines

Developing these important muscles will allow us to stay injury free and actually lift more weight and so maximize our muscle development.

For bodybuilding and mass gaining constant resistance technology can be very effective.

Constant resistance devices are things like free weights or pulley machines where the wheel is round so it gives even resistance.

One of the disadvantages of this type of equipment is that it does not correct for differences if biomechanical leverage changes.

Also for everyday people, this type of resistance training has a disadvantage.

For deconditioned people or first time exercisers this may be dangerous even with light loads.


  1. Identify 15 pieces of exercise equipment and list whether each uses constant, variable, accommodating or static resistance

  2. Active Stretch Muscles are stretched using the contraction of the opposing muscle, antagonist. For an example stretching the triceps, requires the biceps to contract.

  3. When it comes to exercise, most methods of resistance can be classified as either constant or variable. Constant, as the name implies, means that the.

  4. A weight training machine which, through the use of air, fluid, or clutch plates in tandem with a flywheel, controls the speed with which a person is able to move.

  5. The Pros and Cons of Free Weights versus Resistance Machines. 0;. of Resistance Machines and. levels in seniors who start using resistance training.

  6. Resistance training was. Cable Machines. Accommodating Accommodating resistance equipment is

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