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Traditionally crop- growing and cattle-breeding are being developed. There is the Crimean Autonomous Republic in Ukraine, 24 administrative districts and the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol. The power in the country is divided into legislative, executive and judiciary. They are both modern and ancient monuments, like Stonehenge and Hadrian Wall, Durham castle and York Cathedral. In York the tourists are usually attracted by the National Railway Museum. On the Houses of Parliament one can see the famous Tower Clock Big Ben, the symbol of London. Dentists and opticians usually have separate clinics. Much attention is paid to the educational programmes. Tea is very popular with the English; it may be called their national drink. Tea must be brewed as follows: one teaspoon for each person and one for the pot. The English are a well- disciplined people and it is probably no exaggeration to say that they have the best manners in the world. You may be struck by the fact that life in Britain is less noisy.

The main legislative body of Ukraine is the Verkhovna Rada, which consists of 450 deputies. Each state enters into the Constitution the principles, according to which it lives. The legislative body, Parliament, consists of two chambers: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Mark Twain said about America: «If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes», but it is more likely to have been said about England. Sometimes fogs are so thick that it is impossible to see anything within 2 or 3 metres. There are many rivers and very beautiful lakes, but there are no great forests on the British Isles. a Roman army of 10 000 men crossed the Channel and invaded Britain. The Romans also killed large numbers of Druids, the Celtic religious leaders. • Cities and Towns of Great Britain Great Britain is a highly developed industrial country, and most of the people live in large cities. It contains the history of Stephenson's invention of steam locomotive. Big Ben is the real bell which strikes every quarter of an hour. Hyde Park is the most democratic park in the world, as anyone can say anything he likes there. The Department of Health provides anti-smoking education programmes, alcohol education programmes, cancer prevention programmes and so on. They drink it with or without sugar, but almost always with milk. They are all polite, they all know how to hold their knife and fork and how to behave in society. The English display a surprising unity in a crisis. The apparent coldness of Englishmen has been almost universally noted by the foreigners.

Our Health • Relations between Ukraine and English-Speaking Countries • Foreign Affairs of Ukraine • The Political Situation in Ukraine and Abroad • Voting in Ukraine II. Its territory stretches for 893 kilometres from north to south and for 1316 kilometres from east to west. It has its own territory, government, national emblem, state flag and anthem.

• My Attitude to Sports • Sports in Great Britain XIII. It has state borders with Russia, Belarus and Moldova. The geographical position of Ukraine is very favourable for the development of its relations with the countries of Europe, as well as with the countries throughout the world. For example, Isaac Newton held the position of «Master of the Mint» for thirty years.

Due to its favourable climatic conditions, such as winter snow cover, enough amount of rains and hot days during the summer, Ukraine is traditionally an agricultural country. The rivers and lakes are home to ducks, geese, storks and cranes. On the 16th of July 1990 the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian republic adopted «The Declaration of the State Sovereignty of Ukraine». It is a very quiet street on the outskirts of our city. Many historical events and personalities led the country to the position of the powerful and highly-developed state. Nowadays we witness the fourth wave of emigration from Ukraine, which is being caused by the grave economic situation in the country. It is situated on the North American continent and is washed by three oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Arctic.

It grows wheat, maize and other corns, vegetables and nearly all kinds of fruit. It also should be said that the animal life of the Carpathians is unique. Then on the 24th of August 1991 the Supreme Soviet adopted the «Act of the Independence of Ukraine». There are about 30 000 Ukrainians living in Great Britain now. The USA only borders on two countries — Canada and Mexico.

It also borders on Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. It borders on Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania. The major rivers are the Dnieper, the Dniester, the Donets and others. The English mint has carried out orders from many countries. • UK Health Service The National Health Service provides free treatment for people living in Britain and gives emergency treatment for visitors.

In the south it is washed by the Black and the Azov Seas. The territory of Ukraine consists mostly of plains. Not long ago the English mint carried out a great and important task. Has a special government commission taken a decision to reform the English monetary system? The greater part of the cost is met from taxes taken from people's wages.

The Cabinet of Ministers coordinates the daily administration of the government and may introduce bills to the Verkhovna Rada. It determines the order of the President elections, elections into the Verkhovna Rada, state symbols, independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. General elections, for all seats in the House of Commons, must be held at least every five years. The House of Commons is a hereditary chamber, isn't it? Great Britain is separated from the continent by the English Channel. In Wales there are also many beautiful mountains and valleys. Everyone who comes to England says that it looks like one great beautiful park. What did Mark Twain say about the weather of America? With loud shouts they attacked the Romans in chariots and on foot. • Places of Interest in London There are a lot of places of interest in London. The actual date of the building and opening of the Swan Theatre is uncertain, but it was probably about 1596. • Shopping in London Harrods is probably the world's most famous shop. The Welsh fought for many years to win back their freedom. Manchester is an industrial capital of the North of England. Manchester has many libraries, museums, art galleries and theatres. Many great men studied in these universities: Cromwell, Newton, Byron, Darwin and others. What city is the centre of the cotton industry in Great Britain? They begin with soup, followed by fish, roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables, fruit and coffee. The British have long been famous as a nation of animal- lovers. People all over the world know the saying «The Englishman's home is his castle». Only wood was burnt, and it was brought from the forests. Elizabethian fireplaces often had carved stone or woodwork over the fireplace. The Scots are more extravagant, their traditions are more colourful and exciting.

Each citizen must observe the Constitution, preserve the freedoms and rights of other people and carry out his own duties. We have quite a lot of big sea ports, for example, Odesa, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Izmail, Mariupol and Kerch. Many of such remains as glass, statues, coins may be seen in the British Museum. As the invaders spoke French, their speech influenced the English language. The London concert at which the great composer conducted his Serenade for Strings and his Suite No. It includes Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives, and the Houses of Parliament. There one can see the famous Tower Clock Big Ben, the symbol of London. There are many other places of interest in London: Trafalgar Square, Regent's Park, Westminster Abbey and, of course, the British Museum. Information desks inside most entrances will help you to find your way in the stores as well as «The Store Guide». The Englishmen always drink tea out of cups, never out of glasses. But there are some things that unite them all together. The love of gardens is deeply rooted in all the British people. Still another interesting tournament is the Veteran Car Run. The Ukrainian immigrants also live in Brazil, Argentina, Czechia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, France, Australia, Austria, Hungary, Holland, New Zealand and other countries.

The geographical position of Ukraine is very favourable because the country lies on the crossroads of the ways from Asia to Europe. There are the Carpathian Mountains in the west and the Crimean Mountains in the south. But the Crimea differs greatly from the other parts of the territory. One can see the difference even in the average summer and winter temperatures. That is why English comprises a lot of French words and word combinations. 3 was an important event in the musical life of England's capital. Was it an important event in the musical life of England's capital? What was Tchaikovskyi's most important symphonic music based on? Big Ben is the real bell which strikes every quarter of an hour. It's impossible to describe all places of interest. The veteran cars are set out on the London — Brighton run each November. The Ukrainian emigration started as early as the beginning of the 18th century when several dozens of Mazepa's followers emigrated to France.

The major part of Ukraine is flat and only 5% of it is mountainous. The Ukrainian Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains make up only 5 % of its area. After a two years study a special government commission had taken a decision to reform the English monetary system. People also pay some money every month as a sort of insurance. English people eat porridge with milk or cream and sugar, but the Scots — and Scotland is the home of porridge — never put sugar in it.

The two mountainous areas in Ukraine are the Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains. It is a well-developed industrial and agricultural country. The population of Ukraine is about 50 million people. Over recent years people of Ukraine display a keen interest in the Ukrainian history and cultural heritage. What can you tell about recent years of independent Ukraine? The difficulty of the change of money is partly psychological, the English people have been accustomed to count twenty shillings in a pound, twelve pence in a shilling. The National Health Service consists of three main parts: the general practitioners, the hospital and specialist services, and local health authority services. The usual meals in Great Britain are breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Then comes bacon and eggs, marmalade with toast and tea or coffee.


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