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But it doesn't make much sense unless you go to a massage or a club, or a cafe. started the Italian translation, but we didn't add it, and there's not much yet; russian translation about 80% completed, france translation about 60% In Insexsity, to start comunicate with someone, you first need to meet him or her.

We'll develop the subject later; two vending machines were added. They're a bit different; new items in inventory- chocolate, health bottle (in development), contraceptives (pills, in development), and condoms; in chocolate example - things can then be used from the inventory in the future; Insexsity were extended. Continued events with Oliver, Eva, an unknown man (in Insexsity); new event with Eva in the store (it will be available after the event with Suzi in massage parlor); on the example of Suzi, Lance and Oliver in massage - now you don't have to press the dialog box to talk to them; in a massage parlor, you can dress correctly if you're in other clothes (it was difficult); added Finnish language. For everyone, we have written personal "x/y" levels. Upgrade: Kate's blinking now; redrawn Main Street and something else have updated the dialogs for constraints (you lack lewd) hope it's everywhere; extended transition zones in everywhere (get rid of the walking simulator); Credits are updated; New for Maxi version: Extended event with Oliver in massage parlor while fingering (3 exit Paths); Continued the event with an unknown man in Insexsity (need lewd); Added an alternative event with Oliver in Insexsity, it about Kate's ass.

You can buy them at the store and they'll be added to the wardrobe at home (hard part); new event with Suzi in a massage parlor.

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This new update contains 11 scenes with a total of 235 new images.He comes after the events with Victor at the cafe (two erotic events); to Lance and Oliver, in a massage, were added random events.Now they can choose what you're going to do (they have a desire or have no money); almost in every outfit you can leave the house, if your lewd more that 5.Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 182 MB https://k2s.cc/file/5eda2fc863380/He...ble_v0.521https://fboom.me/file/5eda2fc863380/...ble_v0.521Insexsity Version 0.20 What's New: Optimized game. This is an important point because the game is getting heavier. The public version already has this upgrade; a new location - store has been added.3 places (hall, two dressing rooms), new music; new Clothes (5) added and animated."x" means - current level "y" - last in this build, you will understand when will see. Need to have sex with him in massage first; Simple cheats."E" button - 20 experience and "L" - 0.1 lewd (later we'll add a panel so you can use it an Android version).You have a choice with whom to develop relationships and how. Changelog (v0.1): Fixed the possibility of repeating the dialogue in the kitchen on the first day. Added additional icons of information about the presence of a character in a certain location. The beginning of the event with Elena at the cinema has been changed a little.20 save slots are now available and you can download any of them from the main menu. The beginning of the event with the daughter's study on weekdays has been changed a little.Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 1650 MB https://k2s.cc/file/3e09a0eec1176/Th...-Chapter https://fboom.me/file/3e09a0eec1176/...-Chapter Heroine Rumble Version 0.521 Heroine Rumble is a yuri fighting/wrestling/sexfight game with toggle-able futa content.It is in 3D and you have full control over the action either as the active player or watch the girls duke it out .


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