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We can choose to follow our own whims or we can choose to adopt the will of an omniscient Father. turn my will over to God, and seek to do only that which is His will for me.

Therefore choose life so that you may live, you and your progeny" (Deut. If humans are to have the will to choose freely, the world must look natural.

A wiser child would give the money to a parent and ask that it be put into some type of savings account where it can increase in value and be available in the future for things of real importance.

Did the second child abrogate his prerogative of free choice by allowing the parent to decide how to invest the money? In fact, this was a choice, and a wise choice as well as a free choice.

A natural world has radiation which produces crippling mutations and earthquakes which crush the innocent.

In 1921, Arab mobs attacked Jewish residents of Jaffa and stormed the Zionist Immigration Center, killing 47 Jews.


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