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Anime dating quiz for guys best dating site switzerland

When you join Mai Otaku (pronounced My Otaku), the first thing to do is list your favorite anime (from our list of all of them) and any conventions you have attended.

Thankfully I remembered to add pictures this time so you can see who your result is.Admit it: Ever since you read the manga/watched the anime, you've had some fantasies about at least one of these guys. I do believe that spankee is doing the classic trying to “swim” away from her spanking technique. It’s been a busy year with lots of changes all for the good so I’ve neglected this site for my private life.Naruto Personality Test Inuyasha Character Inu Yasha Personality Quiz Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you? You meet a boy at the mall that you've had a crush on. Besides, I still have many more images in my personal archive so eventually I’ll share more in the future.I’m just enjoying life so much at the moment that I don’t get here as often as I used to.We appreciate your patience while we work to bring you the best Canadian conversations in a new and innovative format that you can access from any device.Framed reprints, back issues, mugs, and other collectibles showcasing showcasing local coverage of historic events in Philadelphia sports from The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.Even if the updates are few and far between, the archives are here for others to enjoy.I’ve lovingly and carefully restored many of the images that I’ve used here and I’ve done that to share these with other spanking enthusiasts so I have no desire to take this site down.


  1. What character from Fairy Tail anime is your soul mate. Rate this quiz! Other tests. Which Naruto guy was made for you? Which Beyblade Character is right for you?

  2. Who is your Anime GF? Guys. Well bye Hope you enjoyed and if you want take a look at My other quiz Who is you Anime BF I forgot the pictures in that one XD

  3. I know theres hundreds of this same quiz. Which anime guy would date you. Out of these anime guys.

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