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Best aussie dating apps

Without complications, the flu tends to last for about a week.

Aussie flu – or the H3N2 subtype – is particularly dangerous for the elderly, whose immune systems are more vulnerable.

This is potentially the worst winter since the Hong Kong flu outbreak of 1968.

Lots of people have been very badly affected in Australia and whilst their mortality rates are not out yet, we suspect this is a more severe strain than most other years.’ There is, but as Dr Chris Steele explained on , there’s a question over how effective it will be.

My friend too was tired of meeting women on Tinder who were interested only in one-night stands.” “So, last year in February, I downloaded the app.

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Aussie flu is a particularly vicious winter bug, also known as H3N2.

A vaccine against Aussie flu was developed in the UK in March, made using the virus hitting Australia, but it’s likely that the strain hitting the UK will have mutated, potentially putting ‘huge pressure’ on the NHS.

However, he still recommended that as many people as possible, particularly over 65s or pregnant women, get a preventative jab (Boots offer free vaccinations for people at risk.) Dr Richard Pebody says, ‘Typically effectiveness of a flu vaccine is in the range of 40-60%.

Due to global travel it was almost inevitable that the strain would spread to the UK from Australia this winter.

‘There is no point in trying to close the borders’ Professor Robert Dingwall, a health expert at Nottingham Trent university told the ‘It’s almost inevitable this will come to us.


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