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She and her two sisters -- Georgia (Azura Skye) and Maine (Mika Boorem) -- have been raised by their well-meaning if meddling grandmother (Shirley Mac Laine).Carolina's family seems to think that she should marry the novelist Albert (Alessandro Nivola), whom she has known since childhood.3673.: ci_la, s'i_la bag, purse (Ma.); ci_ra, ci_la, ci_lu bag, sack (Ka.); bag (Kod..)(DEDR 2632).(Ta.) ci_la-mannu (Te.) coat of clay on cloth spread over the mouth of a calcinatory pot; ci_lai (Ta.) cf.

s'i_ra pointed, sharp (RV.); s'i_rin a kind of kus'a grass (Skt.); si_r the silky-headed grass : citarvai cloth worn or reduced to a rag (Ta.); cita_r thin bark of certain trees used as clothing; cloth, rag (Ta.); citalai small piece of cloth, rag (Ta.); ci_ntuka to tear, strip (a plantain leaf)(Ma.); ci_ntu a shred, strip, streak (Ma.); cindar-a fragment, piece (Te.); kithre to split wood (Malt.)(DEDR 1547).

As you'd hope, Ferrell is amusing, but the best moments come from Poehler's interaction with a fellow language student who hates Americans, and with his girlfriend's parents (Lena Olin and Claes Månsson), who hate his refusal to eat cinnamon.

Welcome isn't the funniest show you've ever seen, but it's novel and charming, and the Swedish scenery is gorgeous.

rag, cloth (Ta.); citaval cutting off, cropping; strip of cloth, rag, torn piece of cloth; citai (-v-, -nt-) to be sundered; (-pp-, -tt-) to shear (Ta.); cintu (cinti-) to cut off (Ta.); cinnikka to cleave, split (Ma.); ci_ntuka to tear (as paper, leaves), strip (a plantain leaf); ci_ntu a shred, strip, streak (Ma.); kidi_ta_na_ to shred chillies, etc.

ce_la; ci_ra (Te.); se_la (Ka.); ci_la (Ma.) cloth, garment; ci_lai-k-kutumpai yoruka_tu (Tiv.


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