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Warmline offers support, suggestions for common problems, developmental facts about children and resource information.You can also ask a question via an email form on their website, which will be answered within three business days.Offers an interactive co-parenting class called Children Caught in the Middle that focuses on children growing up between two homes and how to foster healthy co-parenting relationships.Dallas Association for Parent Education Dallas, 972/699-0420 or 972/699-0438 The association’s Warmline/E-Warmline (972/699-7742) is a free phone service staffed by trained volunteers, available to parents and caregivers from Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm.• When a child cries, the adult responds in a lovingly or caring way.

Most parents, though, fall between the two opposites.• When a child is afraid, the adult is there to take care of her.• When the child is excited about something, the adults are excited about it, too.They believe that Christian teens should date responsibly and not just date for the sake of dating.Knowing where you fall in the spectrum will help you set rules later.Where parents and teens tend to disagree is the method of getting to that wedding day.However, parents do need to keep in mind that falling in love is part of God's plan.This is one of the most difficult and often overlooked steps by parents, yet it is one of the most important parts of leading your Christian teen down the right path.While neither one of you may feel totally comfortable talking about dating, sex, temptation, or feelings, it is important that your teen understands your perspective.It is also important that you listen to your child when he or she speaks.When the two of you understand each other, trust and openness is built up. As you start to notice your teen's growing interest in members of the opposite sex you may want to start thinking about the rules you want to set.


  1. A single parent is a parent that parents alone without the other parent's support, meaning this particular parent is the only parent to the child, responsible for all.

  2. Improving parent-child relationships takes work, but parents can deepen their bond by creating rituals and spending quality time with their kids.

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