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Childs reaction to divorced parent dating mark ballas and shawn johnson dating

Family interaction, as a whole, may suffer a permanent deficit of communication, as one parent have to make providing for the family a priority over family interaction.

Children who grow up in divorced homes typically have less contact with the non-custodial parent and as time goes on the parent child-relationship seems to further deteriorate.

Some young adults reported relationships with fathers that had faded or disengaged, not because of fathers problem behavior or lack of effort, but because fathers had moved away (Arditti & Prouty, 1999).

This evidence may suggest that parental involvement may be a more significant factor on the attitudes children develop towards their parents after divorce than divorce alone.

Childrens contact with their fathers after divorce is limited, and, consequently, girls and boys have quite different exposure to same-gender modeling and role identification after divorce (Behrens, Sanders, & Halford, 1999).

The research showed that participants from divorced families indicated greater fear of being hurt and/or rejected (p = .04).

Results also showed that participants in the study who were from divorced backgrounds had less trust towards a variety of intimate relationships.

Fathers Most psychologists will agree that a father is important for the childs development to instill discipline and other social skills.

However, research that evaluated children of divorce showed a more positive relationship with mothers than with their father; in fact, research suggests that often the relationship with the father is endangered (Van Schaick & Stolberg, 2001).


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