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Christian view of dating after divorce

Dating after divorce brings the issue of sex right to the forefront of discussion: whether or not sex is OK, how much intimacy is too much, and really, why do you have to wait if you’re not a virgin anymore, anyway?

Divorced people get into dating with the best of intentions, but also with a serious handicap: You’re already used to giving yourself to your spouse and it is hard to tell your body that now things have to change.

addresses and that’s what God wants you to understand.

But sex has a purpose and a place, and that is within the confines of marriage.

Something else that’s important, mostly for the ladies but certainly for men, is dressing the right way. A blind fold covers the eyes and blocks the view of the surprise until the time is just right… Even the Eucharist remains concealed in the tabernacle – not to be hidden from us, but to reveal the glory of Jesus in Adoration and the sacrament of the Eucharist at the appointed times.

A theater stage is shrouded by a curtain until it’s show time… If you are divorced, you should be guarding your gift, the gift of yourself, with utmost care and protection until the appointed time arrives and you may reveal yourself again.

In doing so, peace and the companionship of Christ will reign in your heart and your joy will be complete.

Many people believe the standards of chastity are too difficult to abide by in today’s world, and I understand that.

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And once that realization hits, the trick of course is to let go and know that whatever happens, happens for the best.

It wasn’t two months after that, this fabulous guy walked right into my office.

I’d known him and worked with him for a couple of years. He knew I was divorced and he was just like some men are, scared to death of a woman who’s been through a nasty divorce.

I didn’t always believe that but as soon as I figured out He had a plan for me and I let Him take charge and lead the way, life got much easier.

I had gone out with a guy for maybe two years after my separation.


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