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Circa dating roman onyx cameo ring jewish son dating catholic

Not rated yet I have a black vintage wedgwood cameo it has a black backround and a white womans face on it (i think its a muse design), it has wedgwood stamped on back …i have a cameo i got on my wedding day and im trying to figure out how old it is and to see how much it cost Not rated yeti got this on my wedding day and im trying to fihure how old it is and the price it has a 925 on the back.She is a sweet as she is pretty and such pleasure to work with.

This cameo is painted and numbered on the concave back. The number on the back is 5544 and it looks like 30 under it. It's a beautiful ring white cameo on black surface surrounded by 16 diamonds. I have a ring that is not a real cameo, considering because i got it at some clothing store. French Cameo with raised gloss white image on a gloss blue background.

Thousands of other Jewelry enthusiasts seem to like the idea too.

So much so that I can no longer keep up with the volume of questions and cameo questions is a paying service now and the cost is .99 US per question. So put your question to the Cameo denizens of the Pantheon on Antique Jewelry Investor and get a fast reply.

It is in gold with open fretwork around the cameo ..Also has 3 sapphires bezel set n this fretwork. Not rated yet This cameo belonged to my grandmother. The frame is in some kind of metal and the cameo looks to be … Not rated yet It's about one hundred years old (it was my great-grandmother's and I think it was from her mother, so it may be older than that) and the face is shell.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.


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  5. A Roman onix cameo, circa century A. A ROMAN ONYX CAMEO - CIRCA 1ST-2ND CENTURY A. D. “ Eastern European gold and paste ring, dating to the to

  6. A ROMAN GOLD AND ONYX CAMEO PENDANT, circa 2nd. An authentic solid 14K yellow gold handmade original Georgian amethyst intaglio seal ring dating to the later part.

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