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Wmkeller ludwigshafen Germany Placer County Sheriff Loomis, California Killed my dog in error, Illegal entry to home, Minors present loomis, California In December 2010, the police entered my home unannounced and fatally shot my dog (greatdane mix).

My daughter heard the shot and then one officer say to the other, I can't believe you shot the dog..

-Mother was in an accident two hours after trying to run me off the road.

I was not contacted by law enforcement, my children or the father on the date in question.CPS is tryng to take the mothers rights away and give her to her father that is on perole, for assult with a deadly weapon three times, has tested positive cocaine.He has an aunt that works for cps, he said she was going to pull some strings, (it looks like shes pullin.) Before the case was opened, a cps case worker that lives here in town asked me if i had money to fight for my grandaught, (no)he told me what they could do, they've done most of it. Every court date, we stand in front of the judge like dummys with no attorney to help.Especially the prosecution of DDA Daniel Gong needs to be mentioned.This is without a doubt the most corrupt unethical Department in all of the U. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance in this matter.He cant find any jobs he like, because he just wants to be a hit man .(ISNT THAT KILLING PEOPLE? We are scard , We dont know who to tell, We are afaird to tell cps , Cps will just turn it around on us. -Mother has continuously made threats in front of the grandmother about hurting the child(ren) by putting their heads through a wall and breaking their arms.-Child found by grandmother outside of the mother's apartment with a nine year old little girl. I don't know) Mother was again passed out from drugs & alcohol.One time in court i gave documents to judge to throught the case out. I turned back to look at him, he just turned his head. This is a small town that gets away with everything Miliam Co. is the one that took my grandaughter, Because her mother was doing drugs.She did not have her daughter ,(I DID) Cps still opened the case . Washington State CPS (Skagit Co.) 3 year old child gets 2nd & 3rd degree burns while in the mother's care. Her mother has been completely incapable of providing the proper care for the child. -Drug & alcohol addictions w/positive test results including two classes never being fulfilled. Placer county has not prosecuted the offending parent who caused my children to be taken by CPS.I acted in accordance with a safety action plan created by SMART systems of Placer county worker Gloria Sutton.


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