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Thankfully we had our daughter taken to UCDMC for care and re-evalutaion and we took our other daughter out of the county until we could find and hire an attorney the next day.We have had the case dropped but the aggregious misconduct of Gloria Sutton needs to be addressed and fired from her position Placer County DA Tainted evidence led to depotation, massive cover-up in Placer county Auburn California after reading that there is an investigation sought into the practices of the Placer County DA, I feel compelled to share my personal experience with these people.Now grandaughter is with her uncle( fathers brother) and wife. Hospital refuses to release the child back to her care. -WSP records regarding a drug sniffing dog that found a pipe and meth in her vehicle.The fathers whole family are some reallly sick people, with crimmal records.( We have none)Her Uncles wife told us that she could not keep her husband out of bars, and that he already had five differnt job this year. CPS badgers father @ work to allow the child to be with the mother's grandmother until final investigation. -Leaving child unattended numerous times in the crib in the middle of the afternoon while she has been passed out downstairs all morning, all night from drug & alcohol abuse. Child found by grandmother soaked in urine & feces & hungry.CPS is tryng to take the mothers rights away and give her to her father that is on perole, for assult with a deadly weapon three times, has tested positive cocaine.He has an aunt that works for cps, he said she was going to pull some strings, (it looks like shes pullin.) Before the case was opened, a cps case worker that lives here in town asked me if i had money to fight for my grandaught, (no)he told me what they could do, they've done most of it. Every court date, we stand in front of the judge like dummys with no attorney to help.

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My complaint against the county(filed within the time allowed) was denied. In July 2012, eighteen months after the incident, an officer pulled in front of my house as I was returning home.Wmkeller ludwigshafen Germany Placer County Sheriff Loomis, California Killed my dog in error, Illegal entry to home, Minors present loomis, California In December 2010, the police entered my home unannounced and fatally shot my dog (greatdane mix).My daughter heard the shot and then one officer say to the other, I can't believe you shot the dog..They immediately went to the guest house on the property and tried to kill the dog residing there.If it werent for the bravery of a young man visiting, that dog would be dead too.-Mother was in an accident two hours after trying to run me off the road.I called police concerning her erratic driving and nothing. Police never checked her & let her go even though she injured her passenger and put him in the hospital. Placer county has not prosecuted the offending parent who caused my children to be taken by CPS.I acted in accordance with a safety action plan created by SMART systems of Placer county worker Gloria Sutton.I learned of the incident nearly twelve hours after the occurance. I WOULD BE GLAD TO HEAR FROM ANYONE REGARDING THE LEGALITIES OF DISSOLUSION OR REFORM OF CPS AND ITS PRACTICES.THANK YOU Placer County CPS Placer County California CPS attempted to Coerce Parents to take children after accident Roseville California Gloria Sutton, CPS Social Worker for Placer County acted clearly beyond her scope and with malicious intent to take BOTH our newborn daughters from us after we brought one in to Sutter Roseville ER on 4/22/13.


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