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Collateral is anything the lender can redeem if you default on your payments, such as a home, vehicle, or in the case of a business, inventory or equipment.

With collateral, you are more likely to get low interest bill consolidation loans because you are putting up something the lender can repossess, in case you do get behind on your payments.

I was able to get a loan to pay off all my credit cards and have one payment per month.

To get myself debt free in the next 3 years and get my life back on track.

If you look for low-interest bill consolidation loans, weigh all your options carefully.

Learn about each option and then figure out which works best for you.

If your cards carry high interest, too, it can be extremely hard to dig yourself of out the hole.

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Join the thousands of Australians who we’re helping to pay off their credit cards for good with the help of a low interest, fixed rate, personal loan.One solution to managing out-of-control credit cards and other debts is through low-interest bill consolidation loans.If you qualify, you can use a low-interest bill consolidation loan to pay off high interest credit cards or other loans.To get out of debt, you need to establish a plan of attack.Before you consolidate your debt in a bill consolidation loan you need to: A secured bill consolidation loan is one where you provide collateral for the loan.Depending on how much debt you have and the size of the debt consolidation loan you qualify for, you may need only one loan to consolidate all your debt.However, a low interest debt consolidation loan can only do so much. It merely resets your interest rate so you can start pay it off faster.Make sure you know when your rate adjusts and how high it can go and miss a payment on a card you have used to transfer balances to, or you will find all your debt on the card at a penalty interest rate that can exceed 29.99%.If you own a home, consider a cash-out refinance loan to get a lower interest rate mortgage AND pay off existing debt.Depending on how much debt you consolidate, this might increase your mortgage payments, though it could lower your monthly costs for your mortgage and debt combined.Adding to your mortgage balance puts your home at greater risk.


  1. Oct 13, 2017. You'll typically know if it's the right time to consolidate your debt by events that improve your personal or business credit profile. Consolidating at the right time can get you lower interest rates, better repayment schedules, and longer terms. Consolidating at the wrong time can waste your time, damage your.

  2. In effect, multiple debts are combined into a single, larger piece of debt, usually with more favorable pay-off terms a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment or. loan than an unsecured one, which means that you may end up consolidating several unsecured debts like credit card balance into a larger secured debt.

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