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I had tried so many other therapies (including counseling, hypnosis, different types of psychotherapy, etc. I clearly remember the despair I was feeling the day I finally found out about EFT; I was really at my wits´ end.

The PTSD I had been suffering from for such a long time had gotten to the point where I couldn´t stand the pain anymore and I felt I couldn´t really function – basic daily life things felt like such an insurmountable struggle.

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I never knew that one day I´d be free of the vicious cycle I had been in for so long.

I went from being a huge people-pleaser and doormat with no ability to set healthy boundaries, getting into panic attacks if I felt someone had gotten mad at me, to having the highest level of self-respect and making healthy boundaries an automatic thing for me.

Another health issue that I dealt with was that I suffered from extremely painful, incapacitating periods every month, needing to be fully medicated for three days in order to be able to bear the pain and symptoms.

I proceeded to study the 6th edition of your EFT manual after finishing my sessions with her (I had to finish them because I ran out of money at the time); a few years later, I came across all the training DVDs that you had out back then and, over time, I diligently studied everything that you shared on your website (fast-forward to this day, and I am still going back to all EFT-related topics).

What happened to me from the time I stopped doing sessions with Dr.


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  2. This artist book is published on the occasion of Gary Kuehn's Black Paintings presentation at Häusler Contemporary München.

  3. Bajar este Manual de nuestro sitio de red. Este manual es un punto de inicio –una. Socia de Gary Craig. 1102 Redwood Boulevard. Novato, CA 94947. Querida Adrienne El martes 21 de Julio asistí al curso de Gary Craig titulado “Cómo Conducir tu propio. Autobús”. Fui por varias razones personales pero no para que.

  4. Feb 2, 2018. An excerpt from Anna Garcia's letter to Gary Craig. Gary writes Hi Everyone, This is serious. Many people are enticed to use EFT shortcuts and thus employ EFT "scripts" ready-made language that purports. It is a detailed story so I have added red headline language for navigating and ease of reading.

  5. Aug 31, 2008. The EFT Manual. 4.6 21. by Gary CraigGary Craig. 4.6 21. Read Reviews. The EFT Manual available in Paperback. The EFT Manual. ISBN-10 1604150300; ISBN-13 9781604150308; Pub. Date 08/31/2008; Publisher Energy Psychology Press.

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