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Critical dating the battle of carchemish

The seventy years of the captivity were, in effect, God claiming the Sabbath, which Israel had violated, in order to give the land rest.Israel had also gone into idolatry (1 Ki 11:5; ; ; ; 2 Ki 21:3-5; 2 Ch 28:2-3), and they had been solemnly warned of God’s coming judgment upon them because of their idolatry (Jer — 8:3; -23).In spite of being properly classified as a prophet, Daniel was in the main a governmental servant and a faithful historian of God’s dealings with him.Although shorter than prophetical books like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, the book of Daniel is the most comprehensive and sweeping revelation recorded by any prophet of the Old Testament.

They had ignored the Sabbath day and the sabbatic year (Jer -22).

After Jerusalem's fall, Ezekiel's message centered on Judah's future restoration. Therefore, external evidence is almost unanimously in favor of the prophet Ezekiel as the book's author B. The autobiographical style of the book supports Ezekiel as the author of the book (I, me, my are in almost every chapter of the book; cf. The book has a uniformity of language, style, theme, and message which support the theory of a single author 3.

Before Jerusalem fell, Ezekiel's message focused on Judah's forthcoming destruction because of her sin. Ezekiel was considered to be the author of this book until the Twentieth Century when in 1924 Gustav Hoelscher first questioned authorship based upon questionable internal evidence 2.

The following chart lays out the general chronological arrangement of these prophecies with three exceptions (29:1, 17; 32:1) all of which were oracles against Egypt and thus placed together with the other Egyptian prophecies: B. Ezekiel's last discourse was dated in the twenty-seventh year of Jehoiachin's exile--571/70 B. Dyer states it this way, Ezekiel's purpose in writing chapters 1--32 was to show both the necessity and inevitability of Judah's fall to Babylon because of her sin against God's holy character.

Ezekiel was called to his prophetic ministry in the fifth year of the exile of King Jehoiachin--593/92 B. After the fall of Jerusalem Ezekiel was recommissioned to show the necessity and inevitability of Judah's restoration to fellowship by God (chaps. Dyer, Notes on the Book of Ezekiel, [Unpublished class notes in 304 Preexlic and Exilic Prophets, Dallas Theological Seminary, Fall 1993], 4).


  1. Jeremiah Jeremiah, Hebrew prophet, reformer, and author of a biblical book that bears his name. Near the time of the Battle of Carchemish, in 605.

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