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Current online dating dating services facts statistics

Linked In is one of the older social networks, surviving changes in technology, a tough demographic and a number of challengers along the way.

It began in 2003, by Reid Hoffman and a team of developers and took a few years to really catch on and even longer to achieve profitability.

Senior dating has become more popular recently as the 'stigma' has slowly disappeared and more of us are happy to admit that we met online and even that we are searching online for a possible partner.

Update November 2017: Dating for seniors over 50 is one of the fastest growing areas on The Net and is quickly becoming one of the areas where the most money is spent!

Topics include Asian Immigration and Exclusion 1898-1941, Mexican immigration 1906-1930, INS records from Ellis Island, and investigations into Prostitution and White Slavery 1902-1933.

185 oral history interviews conducted by the National Park Services in 1984-5 with people who immigrated through, or worked at, Ellis Island, during the period of mass migration to the United States are also included.

Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100% accurate.

As with all of these stats post, I intend to update this semi-regularly, so be sure to bookmark it and come back periodically for updates.

(3) Demographic (Population) numbers are based on data from the Wearable technology is currently a hot topic and the interest in this sector continues to grow.

It will transform many sectors of society and the economy.

Click here to see a You Tube video about joining a dating site.

Starting a new relationship when you are 50 or over is far more fun than it was the first-time round, believe us!


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