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Daniel eric gold america ferrera dating

Associated tropes: Betty's somewhat incompetent boss, though he does try sometimes.

The Unfavorite of the Meade family (which owns the company) he often spends his days Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him wherever he goes, his own included.

Associated tropes: Betty's best friend at work, Christina is a Funny Foreigner from Scotland, which means she drinks a lot and uses all that hilarious Scottish slang.

Her purpose on the show was originally being Betty's only friend among the Modies, making her The Artifact from the days when the show was more of a Fish out of Water comedy.

Ignacio is slated to become a citizen but Betty may not attend the ceremony because she and her Dad have fallen out over Betty's dating Henry.

Meanwhile Daniel tries to stop his father's wedding after discovering that Wilhelmina has been cheating with her bodyguard.

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She was Put on a Bus at the end of the third season, and returned in the third-to-last episode when Betty, Hilda, and Amanda visited London.

Justin is Ambiguously Gay for most of the series, but he eventually comes out as The Twink when he hits his teen years.

Largely used as a plot device for the Marc character, who serves as a mentor for the kid. Originally introduced as Lady Drunk, she now just wants her family back together and serves as a reluctant mentor for Betty, who often is scared of Claire's cold-blooded side.

One of the most complicated characters, she performs the role of a Card-Carrying Villain yet is not above the occasional Pet the Dog moment.

She has an estranged daughter named Nico and is Marc's manager.


  1. Betty tries Internet dating and gets asked out on a bowling date. Ugly Betty - A League of Their Own Ugly Betty. Daniel Eric Gold; Vanessa Williams;

  2. Ugly Betty Season 02. Episode 07 is. Daniel Eric Gold Judith Light America Ferrera Becki Newton.

  3. Daniel Eric Gold born September 19. played by America Ferrera. Gold was in the. the top 10 highest-grossing Filipino films of the year including She's Dating.

  4. Natalie Portman takes pregnant America Ferrera as her date to Golden Globes. for the film and star Daniel. KUWTK stars celebrate with gold.

  5. Matthew Hartley is a fictional character on the American comedy-drama series Ugly Betty. He is portrayed by actor Daniel. Daniel Eric Gold. America Ferrera.

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