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Daniel eric gold america ferrera dating

Bradford was having an affair with her, but Claire found out and murdered her - or at least that was the story until it turned out it wasn't Claire's fault.

At the end of the first season, Amanda discovered Fey was her biological mother.

She quickly learns working at Mode will test the very fibers of her character, yet she remains resilient and excited in spite of all the conspiracies, drama and heartbreak she suffers.

She hopes to be a journalist someday and will often take the chance to pursue her ambition.

He and Betty tend to take turns being each other's rock and evolve from simple boss/assistant relationship into close friends.

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Her purpose on the show was originally being Betty's only friend among the Modies, making her The Artifact from the days when the show was more of a Fish out of Water comedy.

Associated tropes: Betty's somewhat incompetent boss, though he does try sometimes.

The Unfavorite of the Meade family (which owns the company) he often spends his days Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him wherever he goes, his own included.

Alexis is not very consistently written and as a result her personality seems to repeatedly switch between "loving sibling with a competitive streak" and "evil bitch". He was the one who hired Betty in the first place, under the twisted logic that since Betty was ugly, his son would not have sex with her and actually get work done.

Associated tropes: A Posthumous Character who died shortly before the pilot.


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