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Our cryptic man Tosh is very good at keeping away personal life affair from the profession so it is quite unknown if they ever got married or even engaged.

As for now, Tosh seems to be content with his imaginary Ballerina wife so not a hint of dating any girl or having a girlfriend.

Tosh got his first ever break in 2001 appearing on “Late Show with David Letterman.” After more late night show appearances, Tosh released his first comedy album and dabbled into acting in 2008.

The following year, 2009, he became a Comedy Central Staple and landed his own TV show Tosh.0, for which he is most known for. Daniel Tosh has now twice, led his fans into believing that he is a married man with no proof whatsoever.

Firstly was in 2014 when he tweeted about how his marriage to his ballerina wife has made his life more beautiful.

The post immediately garnered many retweets as fans were quick to bombard him with questions.

Tosh didn’t answer to any of the questions, leaving his fans to mere speculations.

It seems they part their ways due to change in behavior toward each other.Now wonder his stand up comedy and tours are always packed with audiences.Daniel Tosh is an American comedian, actor, writer, executive producer and Television host.The truth is, no one can say for sure if Tosh is truly married, but if you ask us, it all looks like a hoax and just a publicity stunt.For one, he has been in a relationship before and was spotted severally with his then girlfriend, more on that anon…Though he may be from strong Christian family he is evident talking about gay issues. Furthermore, in 2014, Tosh defended gender-bending dance troupe Prancing Elites as the group caused controversy during a parade dance.Several parents didn’t take it lightly as they were outraged and horrified when their kids were exposed to gay men dancing.Tosh who is known for intentional offensive and dark comedy has himself surrounded by gay speculation because of his secret wife.Tosh is used to mentioning his Ballerina wife in past but recently he has been more vocal about her. Or trying to keep his sexual detail under the closet by throwing his relationship to the world. Well, we are hearing from a funny man right, this could be one of his sarcastic jokes. But, More recently, Tosh is frequent about his wife and creating more suspicion among fans.What does this mean; Tosh maybe a gay person trying to help folks like him or he is a firm believer of human rights who is equivocally supporting gender rights.We will never know unless Tosh makes it clear about his sexuality.


  1. Tosh was in a relationship with one of the famous model, Megan Abrigo. The duo dated each other for five years and was separated in 2014. Daniel Tosh Early Life and.

  2. Megan Abrigo's biography with personal life, married and affair info. Megan Abrigo had been known dating the famous actor Daniel Tosh for a long time.

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