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Darin brooks and rachel melvin dating

She tearfully told Nick that she never wanted to see him again.

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She had been hired to protect the boys, but refused to retake custody of them.At Chelsea's cry of innocence, Nick risked his medical career by stealing the hairbrush out of the forensics lab.Chelsea was so grateful, she was able to forgive Nick for his indiscretion with Billie, and they soon rekindled their romance.Billie and he both regretted it, and swore never to tell anyone. Reibert, whom she had been dating to spite Nick, she forgave him.Nick began tutoring her in math and this lead to them dating.Rolf planted, sustaining head injuries in the process.While suffering from a concussion, Nick went to Las Vegas and married a woman named Cassandra Arvin, who was using the alias "China Lee".While Nick was investigated by detective Roman Brady, he convinced Chelsea to go to the beach and destroy the hairbrush.Roman eventually learned the truth, and gave both Chelsea and Nick a pass by closing the investigation.Willow used Nick's credit card excessively, then she called Nick and blackmailed him into giving her more money, credit cards, and all kinds of stuff.Nick later went to the beach to meet Willow and they got in an argument and a struggle that lead to Willow falling, and hitting her head on a log. He found the hairbrush in Willow's possession and buried it in the sand on the beach before calling for help.


  1. Nicholas "Nick" Fallon is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera. Rachel Melvin. Darin Brooks.

  2. Kristen Renton and Darin Brooks photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Blake Berris and Rachel Melvin. Shelley Hennig and Thomas Dekker.

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