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“I really wanted to make this kind of allegory about Mother Nature and our place and our connection to our home,” Aronofsky told the New York Times, adding he cast Lawrence “as that spirit.” From The Hollywood Reporter: The director then brought up Susan Griffin’s 1978 book “Women and Nature” as a major influence on the film, suggesting that the film represents Mother Earth, and the destruction of Lawrence’s character “mother” and the home symbolizes how people treat the environment.

“I think there is absolutely a connection,” he said of how both women and the environment are treated. We go from backing the Paris climate [accord] to eight months later pulling out.

Or the display of a very unhealthy relationship, and what happens when you give all of yourself to another?

Nina Sayers is a 28-year-old dancer in a New York City ballet company, which is preparing to open its new season with Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

The next day, woman knocks on the door, and Lawrence’s character is confused, asking the poet: “Did you know he had a wife? “No.” Not only that, but this man and woman (as their characters are referred to in the credits) have two sons who arrive, bickering about inheritance.

In a fit of jealousy and rage, the older son kills the younger — an allusion to Adam and Eve’s sons, and how Cain killed Abel.

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There are even people who think they are helping her out by painting the walls and ceilings.It’s tragic, but in many ways, we’ve revealed who the enemy is and now we can go attack it.” Aronofsky has said, in addition to writing a story about Mother Nature, he wanted “to tell the story of humanity, the stories of the Bible.” Plenty in the film hints at Biblical references.A sink bursts, unleashing a flood (the Great Flood, maybe? The crystal that Bardem’s character treasures — which Harris’s and Pfeiffer’s characters, told to stay away from, ultimately break — could be a “forbidden fruit” of sorts.It can be tough to neatly peg Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, “Mother! A stranger (Ed Harris, “man”) shows up, soon followed by his wife (Michelle Pfeiffer, “woman”). When asked if there’s a wrong way to interpret the film, Aronofsky told the Huff Post, “Anyone who thinks that it’s darkness for darkness’s sake is a wrong interpretation. There’s no way we’re condoning violence in this film. But the film will definitely be a talker, inspiring strong reactions and debates over The broad strokes: Javier Bardem plays an acclaimed poet (listed in the credits as “Him”) facing writer’s block, and his wife (Jennifer Lawrence, “mother”) is a literal homemaker who has dedicated herself to her husband and to lovingly restoring his isolated, dreamy farmhouse that had been previously destroyed. ” will be hard to watch for some, particularly during the utterly bonkers final 30 minutes. ” ] But it’s not just a home-invasion horror flick.But — and if you’ve seen the movie, you know this is coming — the baby is eventually taken by the father, given to the people and is killed and consumed. He weeps with her, but also insists they must forgive the people for what they’ve done.He constantly shows immediate forgiveness — along with an unending desire to be loved and adored.Lawrence told Jimmy Fallon that when asked what the movie’s about, “I don’t even know what to tell people.I’ve gone between not saying anything and just telling everybody everything.” So, here’s our attempt at navigating some of those possible hidden meanings: The house in the film “represents Earth,” Lawrence blurted to Fallon, who chastised her for giving away plot points. They go into rooms and places they are not welcome.The most obvious story here is that of a male artist whose ego cannot be satiated, who just takes and takes and takes from a female muse — all in service of his creation.We see a much older, lauded genius of an artist with a younger, beautiful partner, who serves as a muse.


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