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But God is calling—and working with—a small number of people, whom He is training for a very special purpose.

Who and how one chooses to date, which can lead to courtship and marriage, is inseparable from this purpose.

Is this not something people just pick up from others and “learn as they go”?

Is there a right and wrong way of dating or, like learning to walk or ride a bike, can people just naturally figure it out as they experience it? All you need do is look at the astonishing array of ill effects in millions of relationships to realize that the dating and courtship practiced today are far off-track.

This God-plane relationship would include expanding the family to children who would experience more productive and abundant lives, because their home and family would provide a strong, positive environment, capable of nurturing them to adulthood and into their own successful marriages with children.

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And there seems to be no end of sociologists, psychologists, marriage counselors and others considered to be experts, who are only too willing to offer what are no more than the —over whether homosexual partners should be granted marriage licenses. President and his allies are pursuing a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages.

You must have a means of knowing if or when you have found that special person.

There are specific processes involved in proper dating that will help lead you down the right path. Again, this term is very rarely used in society today, and most do not have any idea what it really means.

Wounded, and perhaps feeling burned, many stumble into a “rebound” relationship, often choosing the exact same kind of person they just left behind!

These people need guidance as well, and this book offers it.


  1. Disability is an impairment that may be cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or some combination of these. It substantially affects a.

  2. We all like to think we don't discriminate when. handicapped,” “physically disabled” or “challenged,” the most. Dating someone in a.

  3. Physically Challenged. Can a physically disabled man get a girlfriend. There are dating sites for that purpose and that's where I met my charming.

  4. Married physically challenged Nigerian. again and we officially started dating. lead to marriage because he was a young man of God who had.

  5. How was dating a man that you are not physically attracted to? How was dating a man that you are not physically attracted to. challenged each other.

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