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I’d recommend doing reading assignments when the semester begins, and then gauging their usefulness by comparing what you read to what’s presented in class and what ends up on the first test.

In my experience, I’ve been able to safely quit reading altogether after the first test in most of my classes and still pull down epic test scores.

The pressure within teens to do as their peers is strong.

You'll be shoveling sand against a powerful teenaged tide.

It’s a well-known fact that reading textbooks is about the most effective way to check yourself into a short coma, and textbook authors’ academically bloated writing styles are almost never engaging.

In short, textbook reading can often be a pretty big waste of time.

Invite a group to your home for dinner before the prom and insist she be home by .

Jan Faull, MEd, is a veteran parent educator and the author of four parenting books, including Darn Good Advice -- Baby and Darn Good Advice -- Parenting.

She writes a biweekly parenting advice column for this site and a weekly parenting advice column in the Seattle Times.

I learned some big lessons that changed my life altogether, and I also learned many small tips along the way that helped out as well. I’m sure I’ve got more, but these are the ones that stuck out to me.

To be clear – and you can probably tell this from the size of your scroll bar – this post is ginormous.


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