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Dating an ex boyfriend advice

She can flirt with other guys when he's around, look super-cute and talk with him a little, and then talk to some other guys for a bit longer.

If the girl just runs to the guy daily, with phone calls, notes, and stalking, a guy won't care to have a pest back in his life. But I find it attractive when a girl has a life of her own."—Lance"Most couples break up for a reason.If a girl is really determined to win her man back, there are ways.I think the most attractive thing for a girl to do in that situation is keep herself busy.The girl should do sweet, subtle things to show that she hasn't stopped thinking about the guy, and that she really wants him back.She needs to be understanding of the guy and realize that guys hurt too, and sometimes they just need some time to heal the open wounds."—Matt"If a girl wanted to get her ex back, she would definitely have to work hard.This tactic works for two reasons: 1) It may land you back with your ex. So girls, you should play to this if you want him back.No matter how many times he tells himself he's over you, there's always something enticing about an ex.There must have been a reason for splitting in the first place.If the relationship ended because of bad habits she had (being very controlling or jealous, etc.), she should focus on changing her ways and tell him what she plans to do to fix the relationship."—Randy"It depends who ended it. Nothing pleases friends and officemates more than a simple, beautiful encapsulation of your entire romance delivered in a seven-second sound bite. " Whenever one breaks up, Miss Courage, one should always prepare a press release.


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  3. Dear Kathy Your dilemma is a common one. I often receive letters like yours and my response never changes Dating a best friend’s ex is the fastest way to wind up with an ex-best friend.

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