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These cloches were created either with various color bullion threads or for a more natural look... a slight nod to the Egyptian design so popular in the 1920s (partly due to the unearthing of King Tut's tomb in 1922). These laces continue into the bodice, with a side gold lame lace around the bustline. The interior bodice is nearly perfect with French seaming and tiny little bows.Not perfect condition (due to a tiny breaks in the netting all over) but still in remarkable condition for any lace gown about 80 years old. Love the very low back and the lace drape "sleeves" over sleeveless gown. If you've never felt 1930s silk velvet, you are missing something that feels almost as soft as chinchilla. Measures: up to 42" bust, up to 42" waist, up to 45" hips, 47" long from shoulder to hem., but these are meant to be worn large, so will look great on smaller gals as well. Basically in very good condition with just tiny holes (see photos) which you won't really see unless wearing white under. High neck, long sleeves with rhinestone trim at cuffs and around "v" neckline. There is a tape inside the back of the skirt which gives the train the right shape.

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I have owned this dress in my private collection for over 20 years.Of all the things I sell, I think 1920s flapper headpieces are my favorite. Chigot" complete with the original silk lining and a small piece of the original price tag attached. Chigot was, but there are still a few of his signed pieces found when googling. Otherwise, this dress only needs some minor sewing. Nude under will look pretty much like this, but white under will "pop", red under will look like Rose's dress in Titanic, etc. Measures: about 32/33" bust, about 25/26" waist, 56" long from shoulder to hem, 66" long in back (train). I only found one tiny professional repair of black lace in skirt. I would probably wear with a rhinestone buckle belt... The only real issue at all with the dress is one small loss of velvet at the hemline (see photo)... You could hem it up but it's already fairly short, so... you will probably just want to snuggle with this velvet... This blouse if from the mid-1910's, usually worn with a simple skirt or suit. there are tiny age spots here and there and a few minor tiny holes (see photo) near shoulder and upper one sleeve. I have a few large closeup photos of the lace for you to tell me!I still have a few rhinestone tiaras that are in my private collection, and I am close to adding this to my own collection as well, so think fast. He must have been the king of these fashionable cloches! One seam in the sleeve (I'd do it but I don't have a sewing machine), and one thread loop needs fixing on one sleeve (4 buttons on each sleeve). The black beading on this overdress gives the look of a 20s necklace hanging down the front... Black silk satin (good weight) gown with ivory net lace "underskirt" to about knee length, with a different embroidered black net lace over that to about ankle length. The interior isn't too bad, but at the upper portion of the interior lining is torn (see photos). I might consider adding Chantilly lace trim at the hemline, or satin or velvet ribbon which would lengthen the dress... Often these blouses are white cotton rather than as sheer as this crepe blouse. The skirt lining is cotton so it's perfect, and there are 4 layers of material at the hemline (see photos).Skirt measures: 26" waist, 38" long from waist to hem in front, 46" long in back. Except those from Kerteux Soeurs, ,,,and from Worth". HOWEVER, the pale yellow/ivory silk trim is mostly totally shredded. ), this one is as great as anything you would have seen worn on Downton Abbey or Titanic! As you can see, you might want to add a few more as it will gap open. Israel of Worcester, MA who (as you can see from his original calling card) was a Manufacturer of Ladies Underware, Wrappers and Tea Gowns. I just pinned it, but I have no sewing machine, and I don't know how to sew anyway, so you don't want me to try. I think my favorite detail are the little bows on the sleeves at the elbows (see close-up photos). The little rope ties around the waist to keep it neat. This one is lovely enough to make one wonder if it originally had a Parisian label. Mostly the interior quilted lining is torn (see photos) and could certainly be stabilized or replaced. except for the fact that as you move it, beads will fall off.I have never heard of the House of Mmes Kerteux Soeurs, Paris, and I'm sure most of you haven't heard of them either, but they were high fashion dressmakers back to at least 1870s, and had a reputation equal to many other Parisian n a fiction book, Velvet Shadows by Andre Norton, there is a paragraph that reads: "They were all intent upon a collection of fashion prints displayed by a very smartly dressed woman. " Victorine was like a child confronting a collection of new toys. Obviously much of it is still in place, but none of it is good. for those of you who like a project, and love the thought of a PARISIAN Edwardian gown.... You really just need to replace the pale trim and skirt lining to make this wearable. Measures: 32/33" bust, up to 24/25" waist, 52" long from shoulder to hem (shortish - but if you are replacing the trim anyway, you can make longer). For this rare red cotton net Edwardian beaded overdress I just didn't have the correct underdress, so forgive me. Incredibly great condition with only a few beads missing in the beaded fringe at the scalloped hemline. Just imagine this with long gloves and a large Edwardian hat. The information written on the inside is from the museum and lists the name of the woman who donated it. Since they are clear tiny beads and there are so damn many of them, you really don't notice them missing unless you are looking closely. The House of Reville was started in 1906 by William Reville Terry and his partner, a Miss Rossiter.The lining is original and has a few minor spots here and there... The label is off on one side, so will need a stitch or two. It's a lovely soft gray silk with gray silk chiffon overlay. There are a few scattered small marks (see photo), one tiny hole in one sleeve and the loop for the top button needs addressing (and I don't mean "Hello buttonhole"). ) and beautifully embroidered in same off-white color (see the pretty floral baskets and garlands). Bad news: There is a cut at the bottom of the hem in the front. The wired neck needs to be reshaped, there is a spot at the back hemline (see photos), the tiers are a bit askew, might want a few more snaps, there are small holes in the netting of the underdress AND, of course, you will need a slip. Measures: up to 33" bust, up to 27" waist, up to 34" hips, 56" long from shoulder to hem. the woman who wore THIS dress must have attracted attention! LOVE the draping at the one side with the rope ornament!See the close-ups of the beading at the neckline in front and around to the back. This wonderful 2-piece afternoon gown is in remarkably fabulous condition!!! But DAMN the two painted buttons are fabulous and the large covered buttons in the original faille and the silk trim are great (two of those on each cuff). hard to measure but I got about 46" around, 34" long from shoulder to hem in front, 46" long in back. I used to buy lovely bodices like this and hung them on a padded hanger and then used a simple push pin and hung them all over my walls in my bedroom!!! Trimmed in ecru silk satin with bows and pleating on sleeves. LOVE the detailed ornament at the mid bust and the asymmetrical bustline.Otherwise I'm pricing for the beauty of the gown itself. Just wear with a simple white blouse under, or dress up with a bright color under.... 1/2 length puffy sleeves with lovely cutout detail at the bottom of the sleeves and back. It's fairly lightweight, so not a winter coat, but rather an evening coat. The beauty (beside the velvet) is in the swing of the design at the lower back. Look at all the closeup photos to see all the pretty details... I'm not that great at knowing names to fabrics, but look closely at this fabric.. It's an ivory silk dress covered with black netting which is embroidered with Excellent condition with only issue being the netting on the sleeve draping (and perhaps a bit on the side draping) that you might trim for a crisp edge, and the black sequins at the back waist have browned threads so they will eventually need to be re-sewn, but still fine as is. Sadly there is some tearing of the chiffon on the top layer of the 3 layered chiffon/net sleeves (see photos)., and as always, there is tearing in the lining.Embroidered in a stylized leaf pattern of white on white. This is easily seen by looking at the photo of the interior to see the seaming and then volume of the lower back skirt. Here's an interesting article to give you some idea of how important she was to fashion of the era! https://rbkclibraries.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/margaine-lacroix-and-the-dresses-that-shocked-paris/ I have had this dress in my closet for years... It's so simple, but so elegant and in near perfect condition. the lining is nearly gone, but I'm leaving it as found so someone can reline in similar fabric. it's a fairly openweave crepe-like of cotton or linen (wears great!! There is an attached lace bolero giving an extra layer to the all lace/net bodice. The wired back neck, pretty sleeves, 3 tiered skirt, under layer of netting. There are also small marks here and there on the dress and dirty along hemline.When I purchased, it was said to have been worn by Mrs.Stanton and there was a handwritten name inside, but that is now in tatters (still sewn into the seam, but not sure that Mrs. The numbered tag inside the seam is also starting to tatter, so you will want to stabilize that small piece of silk paper.


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