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" 19-year-old singer Talia Storm is turning to the Celebrity Dating Agency to help her find a man with manners.

' I want old fashioned manners – someone to pick me up and drop me off at my home,' she told uk.

If you feel that counseling could be helpful, please look up counselors available in your area.

Celebs Go Dating coach Eden Blackman has been accused of cheating on his secret girlfriend with a Kim Kardashian lookalike who appeared on the show in 2017.

Though several assumptions have been made about Kehlani’s departure from Poplyfe with many upholding that she left because of what Piers Morgan, a judge for the AGT competition told her – that she doesn’t need the band – the musician has maintained that she left Poplyfe because of contractual problems and mistreatment from the management of the band.

The R&B star passed through challenging and difficult phases before she eventually grabbed a fine spot for herself in the music industry thanks to her first mixtape which received abundant positive review and earned the attention of those who matter in the business.

"He was really good in bed and really experienced; I felt like I was actually dating a man for once but obviously not." Chanelle also provided The Sun with screen shots of racy text messages between her and 50-year-old Eden in which they discuss giving each other massages and their sexual exploits.

People need to know he's a bullsh***er, why would you go and be a dating agent and then lie like this?

Eden, 50, went on Loose Women last week and revealed he’s been in a relationship for a year and a half – but Chanelle Sadie Paul claims to have been dating him during that time.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Chanelle said: ‘I’m absolutely gutted, I’m so angry. Why would you go an be a dating agent and then lie like this? Is this Celebs Go Dating star Sam Thompson’s secret girlfriend?

I fell hard & it’s a shame, so this year it’s time to do me." We're seeing things in a whole new light now...

Music for Kehlani is a platform via which she can pour out her life experiences.


  1. Alongside Nadia Essex, Eden has made a name as a dating guru on E4's Celebs Go Dating, but we're not sure we'd want his expertise after accusations of cheating made.

  2. Is your relationship in danger? Here's what you need to know about cheating.

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