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A tear escaped her eye from behind her glasses as she was shown a picture of the energetic mother who saw such a need for a mom’s support group, she started one. Like when the district attorney showed Birgfeld’s father one of his daughter’s black bras, Frank Birgfeld, admitted from the stand, “I was completely in the dark about this whole adult world thing.”Birgfeld’s first husband, Ron Beigler, was the last known person to see her alive.

He testified that the two of them were reigniting their relationship; but, that he refused when she had asked him to strip for Models Inc. She said that she would quit if I wanted her to,” Beigler told the courtroom before explaining why.“Because she could get killed for one.”The picnic basket she brought that last day was found in the trunk of Birgfeld’s burnt-out car.

Birgfeld’s body was not in the car, but several clues survived the fire.

Investigators recovered her day planner with pages from the last four days of appointments ripped out.

(Below please find the contact information for these states.) To pilot escort in Colorado, you must have the following documents (electronic copies are acceptable) – contact our office to request items 2-5: Pilot Escort Certification Rule - See Chapter 5The rules pertaining to the requirements for pilot escort operations are located within the Rules and Regulations of the Colorado Department of Transportation Pertaining to Transport Permits for the Movement of Extra-Legal Vehicles or Loads (2 C. Yes, you will need to complete the pilot escort course.They believe Birgfeld threw her personal articles out of the trunk in a desperate attempt to lead authorities to them.“She was terrified,” said Birgfeld’s father, Frank, tells The Daily Beast.“I think she finally realized she couldn’t talk herself out of this.” If there’s one thing that tore him apart during the trial, Frank says, it’s that he wished he could have told her to go straight home to her children that terrible night.Appointments were getting out of hand as more and more lonely men turned to the woman who called herself “Carrie.” All of those clients were suspect and would become an investigative nightmare for law enforcement.And many of them would end up testifying in a courtroom that saw a parade of prostitutes, ex-lovers, and broken family members tell what they knew about the back-door life of Paige Birgfeld.Mesa County sheriffs would finally call off the search for Birgfeld’s body, but as they peeled back the puzzle of her last hours, they discovered a double life: The devoted soccer mom by day was spending her nights running “Models Inc”, a lucrative escort service.Birgfeld was in such demand, she had to change her voice while arranging trysts on the phone to make it sound like she had a stable of women available for business.It took nine years and two trials to convict Birgfeld’s murderer.But late Tuesday afternoon, a crowded courtroom watched as one of her former clients, 65-year-old Lester Ralph Jones, was found guilty of killing and kidnapping her after making an escort appointment in June 2007.They had been washed down a dry ravine a half an hour outside of Grand Junction.Wrapped around her skull was a tattered piece of grey duct tape. Months of testimony in both trials went from brutally gruesome, to pornographic, to miserably sad.


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