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Dating dead men book

Lt Col Rupert Thorneloe, their commanding officer, was killed by an IED (improvised explosive devices) on July 1, 2009.

The book contains details of Lt Col Thorneloe’s complaints about lack of helicopters, inadequate attempts to deal with the threat of low metal content IEDs, chronic undermanning and a flawed strategy of seizing territory without enough troops to hold it.

It was after Foreign Office intervention that Gen Wall and General Sir David Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff, were enlisted to make personal representations to the author and publisher.

Gen Richards phoned Mark Smith, CEO of Quercus, to ask him to halt publication of the book, which had already been printed, in order to placate the Estonians.

And they haven’t spoken until this, the night before Joe’s funeral.

Joe is dead, you see – but there he is, sitting up and talking like he always did.

Three days after agreement to have the Mo D buy the book was reached, Estonians went to the polls and re-elected the ruling centre-right coalition.

The comments by Gen Wall were made in a telephone call to Harnden on February 17th.

Asking the author to consider making changes to his book, he said that descriptions of the deaths of three Estonian soldiers in summer 2009 had caused anger within the government of the tiny Baltic state.

Although relatively small in number, their departure from the province would be a political blow to Nato.

Senior British officers have indicated there is a possibility that the Estonians might opt to serve under the better-resourced American forces, a potential embarrassment for the Government.


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