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Dating dorky guys

If a guy, who is an artist, posts a picture of a painting that he did that he is especially proud of, is there something wrong with that?

If a guy posts a picture of him holding up the 30lb fish that he caught that he is proud of, do you have a problem with that? Really, it's no different than "dorky" girls with nothing but tight shirts pushing their boobs in the camera.....

Don’t tell them that you don’t understand, because they will spend days, months, years, or eons trying to explain it to you. They are just like small animals, they keep coming back for food.

12) If they tune you out, or become glued to their monitors, it is perfectly acceptable to style their hair in weird and unusual ways.

There are "Looking For Sex" only sites out there... Love Will..do I "feel " about dorky guys p[osting with no shirts ?

Some do it tho, I think, because they do not feel their face is good enough but HEY look at the body!

They want to hit all the bases - if ya got it........................

and I used to laugh about our very different taste in men: She was drawn to the strong, silent, mysterious type with smoldering eyes and chiseled cheekbones, and I was attracted to the goofy, funny nerd with a baby face and comic-book obsession. In other words..., and tells guys how to get their clothes and accessories. So, my dolls, tell me, would you rather date a really nerdy or really cool guy?

How to land and keep the elusive geekfish 1) Make the first move. The best way is to nod at key points, and glaze over.


  1. Jun 15, 2013 Family & Relationships Singles & Dating. Next. Do hot women ever date average dorky looking guys? I was wondering if good looking women.

  2. Dating Tips ; Why Women Love Geeky Guys. Why Women Love Geeky Guys '80s Movies. and I appreciated how dorky he looked because I knew he was confident in the.

  3. How do women feel about these guys with no shirts and a dorky profile, I read some of their profiles and now am embarressed to be a guy.

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