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Many official documents published in the name of the monarch is also presented with royal we, such as letters patent, proclamation, etc.Popes have historically used the we as part of their formal speech, for example as used in Notre charge apostolique, Mit brennender Sorge, and Non abbiamo bisogno.In the Quran, God sometimes refers to Himself as “We”.Muslim exegits and theologians teach that this is specifically when referring to His great power and majesty.Since Pope John Paul II, however, the royal we has been dropped by popes in public speech, although formal documents may have retained it.Recent papal documents dispensed with the majestic plural in the original Latin are given with the singular I in their official English translations.It is also used in certain formal contexts by bishops and university rectors.William Longchamp is credited with its introduction to England in the late 12th century, following the practice of the Chancery of Apostolic Briefs.

Also making it difficult is the fact that, despite the efforts of great brewers like La Cumbre and Chama River, nobody thinks of beer when they think of New Mexico.

Several prominent epithets of the Bible describe the Jewish God in plural terms: Elohim, Adonai, and El Shaddai.

Many Christian scholars, including Augustine of Hippo, have seen the use of the plural and grammatically singular verb forms as support for the doctrine of the Trinity.

In the public situations in which it is used, the monarch or other dignitary is typically speaking not only in his or her personal capacity but also in an official capacity as leader of a nation or institution.

In the grammar of several languages, plural forms tend to be perceived as deferential and more polite than singular forms.


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