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Dating mate selection

1.2 Theories of Mate Selection A number of researchers have proposed various theories explaining the factors hat influence mate selection.

Generally, these theories incorporate the idea that "humans seek rewards and avoid costs to achieve the most profitable or least unprofitable outcomes" (Nye, 1980, p.480).

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Kerckhoff & Davis's (1962) Filter Theory adds social and cultural homogamy and value consensus to Winch's idea of need complement and gratification.In an open field, male and female do not know each other but are free to relate to each other with no roles assigned.In a close field, they relate to each other in assigned roles.Simply it states that your profits or benefits from a relationship exceed your losses; you will stay in the relationship.If a relationship changes and you perceive that you have a net loss, you may want to get out of the relationship.Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.But marriage is the only institution which recognizes and certifies these relationships with legal authority.Therefore, in spite of varied cultural patterns, religious orientations and ethnic consideration, significance of marriage is universally accepted.The Winch (1971) theory of Complementary Needs, for example, says that individuals marry those who can provide them with maximum need gratification.Further, the needs of one partner tend to complement the needs of the other.


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