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Dating mate selection

If they find that they are compatible, they move on to the next stage.Finally, in the role stage, the partners work on their marital roles and their expectations.The present study focuses on the perceptions of university students regarding their marriages and selection of marriage partner.Marriage is the foundation of social relations which further constitutes family.You can view samples of our professional work here.

Man is social by nature and cannot live in isolation.

They found that when couples had all three components, they could move toward a more permanent commitment in this relationship.

The Exchange Theory sees mate selection as a business transaction.

Farber (1964) calls this movement in and out of the marital marketplace "permanent availability".

A person may at any time leave a relationship for one that appears more rewarding.


  1. A free on-line Sociology of the Family textbook from Utah Valley University written by Dr. Ronald Hammond.

  2. Before considering individual background characteristics and interpersonal dynamics of the mate selection process, it is important to note the increasing attention given to the marriage market and the marriage squeeze. The term "marriage market" refers to the underlying assumption that we make choices about dating and.

  3. How personal preferences drive our choice of mates—as understood through an online dating site.

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