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A number of products based on these two risk rating systems are produced at regular intervals throughout the year.

Our data include political, economic, and financial risk ratings and forecasts derived from the two methodologies, dating to the early 1980s.

To see how other academic institutions use our products click here.

Worldwide events of the last several years, from the euro-zone crisis, to terrorist attacks, to the solvency issues affecting many developed nations, make it clear that politics can have a significant impact on the profitability of business and investment and on a range of asset classes.

Clients are entitled to monthly consultations with our experts, and larger consultations can be arranged easily. Our methodologies are exhaustive in detailing and quantifying political, economic, and financial risk, as well as the impact of various regimes on the policy options facing governments in relation to trade and investment.

Whether your firm is concerned about the risk of expropriation, regulatory changes, terrorism or strike activity, and government solvency, to name a few, our forecasts and risk ratings quantify such risks so they can be compared across jurisdictions and over time.

The PRS Group provides the means for risk mitigation as well as the insight in order to exploit political and economic events for profit.

Companies in the finance and investment sector tend to use our services and products in the context of portfolio and risk management, whether it is to advise commodity and currency trading stratagems or to inform the purchase of political risk insurance to protect their investments against financial losses. The ICRG methodology is particularly well suited to this since its risk metrics can be re-weighted to reflect firm-specific risk interests.

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This allows clients to tailor the ratings system to their specific needs.Studies by researchers have found correlations between ICRG data and International Monetary Fund program implementation, sovereign spreads, and bank lending volume.Others have found ICRG data to “provide information that has great predictive value with respect to future equity returns globally,”6 and to help determine the impact of financial asset shortages in emerging markets on economic growth, asset price bubbles, and the probability of a crisis.All subscribers enjoy full access to the Journal's website, which features broadcast quality videos of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, podcasts, comprehensive article archives dating to 1946, and additional benefits offered by the newly-redesigned website.The goal of ® is to inform readers about significant developments in all areas related to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.For more information, look at the specific product in the shopping cart. We have offer several products focused on the academic community built with input from our academic clients.Researchers Datasets, Political Risk Yearbook, ICRG Annual, IRIS Dataset, The Handbook of Country and Political Risk Analysis, and Political Risk Assessment: Concept, Method, and Management.University libraries typically purchase our monthly and annual publications for their value as a reference material.Our historical datasets are used extensively by researchers to contribute to the literature by illuminating a range of political and economic phenomena.The ICRG is completely separate from the Political Risk Services line of products.Dr Christopher Mc Kee uses a separate methodology to arrive at its political and country risk ratings.


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