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Dating services for military personnel

Veterans Affairs hospitals will remain open and veterans' benefits will continue, but education assistance and case appeals would be delayed, the department said.It looks like the lights will stay on, trains will still run and mail will still be delivered despite the shutdown.An agency spokeswoman told Reuters the derivatives regulator could, however, call in additional staff in the event of a financial market emergency.The Internal Revenue Service furloughed 90 per cent of its staff in 2013, leading to the delay of $US4 billion ( billion) in tax refunds, according to the Office of Management and Budget.During the 2013 shutdown, the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly continued largely without disruption.

The National Park Service, which oversees many Washington landmarks including the National Mall, has said it has a plan in place so that "First Amendment activities" can continue during the shutdown.There were delays in the review process for new applicants.Most employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs will not be subject to furlough.The National Park Service estimated the shutdown resulted in $US500 million (6 million) in lost visitor spending in areas around the parks and the Smithsonian museums across Washington DC, New York and Virginia.Back then, barricades also went up at popular tourist sites such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Library of Congress and the National Archives.However it would have to furlough workers if Congress went weeks before approving new funding.The Commodity Futures Trading Commission meanwhile would have to furlough 95 per cent of its employees immediately.This time, the CDC will continue its work to track the flu outbreak, an official said.Social Security and disability checks were issued in 2013 with no change in payment dates, and field offices remained open but offered limited services.The Department of Energy said that since most of its appropriations are for multiple years, employees should report to work as normal during a shutdown until told otherwise.If there was a prolonged lapse in funding a "limited number" of workers may be placed on furlough.


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