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Dating site tracy egeland

Prenatal alcohol exposure and neurodvelopmental disorders in children adopted from Eastern Europe.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Drinking and reproductive health: A fetal alcohol spectrum disorders prevention tool kit.

Light drinking during pregnancy: still no increased risk for socioemotional difficulties or cognitive deficits at 5 years of age?

Light drinking in pregnancy a risk for behavioural problems and cognitive deficits at 3 years of age?

Prenatal alcohol exposure and risk of birth defects.

A revised conservative estimate of the incidence of FAS and its economic its impact.

Diekman S, Floyd R, Decoufle P, Schulkin J, Ebrahim S, Sokol R. Alcohol drinking pattern during pregnancy and risk of infant mortality.

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Alcohol during pregnancy: How dangerous is it really?

Fetal alcohol syndrome: diagnosis epidemiology, prevention, and treatment (1996).

Committee of Substance Abuse and Committee on Children with Disabilities. Fetal alcohol syndrome and alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorders.

Early molecular effects of ethanol during vertebrate embryogenesis.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: research challenges and opportunities.


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