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Psychology Information Online says that the symptoms of this condition are not so easy to treat, as they are often resistant to various medicines.

This form of depression is common among people who are very young.

However, many cases of dysthymic disorder progress and become cases of major depressive disorder.

People who suffer from this condition are able to lead a normal life, to a great extent.

In some cases, the affected people might over-indulge in food and this might cause them to put on excess weight. This has been mentioned in their book, 'Behavior Disorders of Childhood'.Such people often lack the confidence to compete in class activities or to apply for a job.Such people prefer isolation as they lack the confidence to be in the company of others.These chemicals or neurotransmitters must be present in the brain in very moderate amounts.However, when the body becomes deficient in them or when they are produced in excess, they can have a negative impact on the mental health of the person and this can give rise to the problem of depression.Psychology Information Online has stated this fact.The symptoms of this condition often have a very negative impact on the life of the affected individual.According to the National Institute of Mental Health, this condition can be effectively treated by exposing the person to artificial light. In cases where this is not very effective, the patient might need antidepressants and several other forms of treatment.This herb is very effective in the treatment of mild depression.People who suffer from this kind of depression tend to feel extremely happy when they are in the company of their friends or family members.However, as soon as this time is over, they tend to fall into a state of gloom.


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