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Dating someone with fetal alchol effects

The body of a developing fetus doesn’t process alcohol the same way as an adult does.

The alcohol is more concentrated in the fetus, and it can prevent enough nutrition and oxygen from getting to the fetus’s vital organs.

Types of FASDs include: FAS is a severe form of the condition.

People with FAS may have problems with their vision, hearing, memory, attention span, and abilities to learn and communicate.

There is no lab test that can prove a child has FAS. To diagnose FAS, doctors look for unusual facial features, lower-than-average height and/or weight, small head size, problems with attention and hyperactivity, and poor coordination.

However, consumption of alcohol any time during pregnancy can be harmful, according to guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Talk to your doctor if you think your child might have FAS.

But the second and third trimesters aren’t safe either.

The brain is still developing then, and this process can be interrupted by even moderate amounts of alcohol.

For example, speech therapists can work with toddlers to help them learn to talk.

Children with FAS will benefit from a stable and loving home.


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  2. Drinking during pregnancy can result in a child being born with a range of disorders known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders FASD; the most severe effects of prenatal alcohol exposure is fetal alcohol syndrome FAS.

  3. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can result in a number of physical, neurological and mental conditions that range in severity. These fall under the term “Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders FASD,” the most known of which are Fetal Alcohol Syndrome FAS and Fetal Alcohol Effects FAE. Fetal.

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  5. Read medical definition of FAE fetal alcohol effects

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