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For example: Sation Cotton Candy nail polish is now offered in a taller bottle.

All Sation nail polish contains NO DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde.

When I went to Sephora last week, I was admiring their new aisle they have that is just dedicated to nail polish!

With the new fake-nail swatch of each color, I was able to see the polishes in a different way.

Sation did offer their nail polish in the short bottles, however they are now upgrading to the taller bottles.

The Sation nail polish colors in the new nail polish bottles ARE the same colors.

"Like a lobster with a pearl in its claw, the beet held the jasmine firmly without crushing or obscuring it.

Can’t Be Wrong, Don’t Feed the Hand Models, Metro Chic, Already Famous, I’m with Brad, Sample Sale, Fiercely Fabulous, Break a Leg-Warmer, Bring on the Snowflakes, Mermaid to Order, I Don’t Bite, Eve-y on the Eyes, Just a Little Dangerous There were very few colors I didn’t like, but these two were the most memorable. I knew I put them away to save for later, but couldn’t remember where.Budge was arrested this week after a loaded 'Baby Glock' pistol was allegedly found in her Double Bay apartment.She had to surrender her passport and pay ,000 with strict bail conditions.Dating the Drummer: My favorite out of all the colors from both sets and I found both little bottles I had.I think the color changed a little bit, I don’t remember it being this dark. I like it and after all these years I’m still looking for something similar.Left: Leaf Him at the Alter, Dating the Drummer (2) Leaf Him at the Alter: This one always makes me think of Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon; she was my favorite.Sadly the texture of this particular bottle has changed, which is no surprise since it’s like 5 years old, give or take a year or two. I will continue adding to this post as I get more Sephora by OPI polishes**** I purchased these all from Sephora for .50/5ml.My Sephora by OPI Nail Polish collection includes the following colors: (Lto R) Traffic stopper copper, studs & stilettos, under my trench coat, going nude, eh? Can’t Be Wrong, What a Broad, Just a Little Dangerous, Cab Fare, California Coral, Special Request, High Maintanence, Sample Sale, I’m with Brad, Leaf Him at the Alter, Mermaid to Order, Opening Night, Already Famous, Dating the Drummer, Never Enough Shoes Set Two: Dear Diary, How Cute is That? I got these mini polish sets 3 years in a row as a gift, the first and third year I got the same set. Again, these were from Sephora when they carried OPI. **Left: Set One, Set Two Set One: A True Romantic, Techno GIrl, Access 24/7, Ms.


  1. OPI Holiday Set. August 5. Mermaid to Order, Opening Night, Already Famous, Dating the Drummer. nails nail polish opi products writing

  2. Sation Nail Polish by Miss Professional Nail Company is a high quality nail polish that fits. The Drummer Nail Polish 9052. 4 00. Sation Dating the Duke Nail.

  3. Find great deals on eBay for sation nail polish and opi. SATION Nail Polish Lacquer in DATING THE. Miss Sation Nail Polish Lacquer - Dance With The Drummer.

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