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I recommend “Omiai” (needs Facebook authentication). Once you are convinced that you have found a guy who isn`t talking to you because he wants to enjoy the novelty of a non-Japanese girl, you can let him know then.You can go to the “Aiseki” café and the staff will match you with a man and depending on the system, you can get reduced price or free food. Plus, Jasmine kind of got my hackles up with a previous post. She’s a German blogger, and I give her mad props for being able to write so well in English. At least getting one woman after another into your bed, is really easy, even if you’re quite ugly! Men and women are meeting each other, at clubs, coffee shops, and at the mailbox on the corner. And you probably don’t notice it much unless—-oh wait—-they’re of different races. And so it goes, in France, Germany, Bermuda, and all over the world. She will never say something that will hurt you, including when she doesn’t like you, she will not say it straightforwardly. She is Always Full of Energy Japanese girl is a happy girl.You can see her smiling for the whole day and never runs out of energy.

Grow up in one of Asian country, Japanese girl is very polite and well mannered.

At the end of the night, there’s always people hooking up. S., and I didn’t have to send fifty text messages before a lady’d let me pay for her entire dining experience. Jeez, for such skinny people, Japanese gals can sure pack it away.

And if it sounds a bit like I’m down on Japanese women, that’s not the case.

(Now cue mad comments like “Well, I got laid in Tokyo last night.”) A lot of dudes who’ve been here for years gripe about the exact opposite.

The funny thing is, I don’t think I’ve actually met any guys here who’ve said that.


  1. Sep 28, 2016. Tips To Guaranteeing That Second Date. By Hilary. My Japanese female friends unanimously agree with this, telling me that allowing the physical side of dating to take over early rarely results in a good relationship. Young happy woman trying on new blue dress and shoes to wear in the wardrobe.

  2. Oct 25, 2015. Date with Japanese Girls. Many men come to Tokyo to find the most beautiful Japanese girls, but they often end up frustrated when their dates don't end how they'd like. A source of frustration among many a foreign man is the huge gap between perception Asian women are easy / like me for just being.

  3. Reasons Why You Should Date a Japanese Girl - How to Get One? contains many useful tricks to date Japanese girl and why you should.

  4. Jun 14, 2014. Today I'm very happy to present you a guest post by a great fellow Japan blogger. It's Ken Seeroi from “Japanese Rule of 7“. I'm sure you've heard of him, and I highly recommend reading his blog. I adore his writing style. You'll learn what life in Japan is really like – in a funny and sometimes sarcastic way.

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