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It’s a continuation of the rebranding efforts undertaken by the brand, that “Free Feels Good,” and that collected Optimum points can be used for varying purposes: small discounts, big shopping sprees, beauty items or health care products.

“We thought there was some great synergy between Valentines Day, which is a seasonal theme that we would be participating in from an in-store perspective, and our Optimum program, which we know there is so much passion from our members,” Amy Ferguson, marketing manager loyalty and financial services, Shoppers, tells .

The survey also examined when it’s appropriate to go on a trip with someone you’re dating.

Almost 30 per cent of participants said they might consider going on an overnight trip with their significant other after 1-3 months of dating.

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The cheeky ads, which some publications have refused to run, varyingly feature images of a peach, a beaver, a door knob and a woodpecker, with carnal double-entendre slogans to match.“It’s obviously edgy,” said Samanta, noting that some magazines would only run teasers of the full advertisements.

A spokesman for Environics, which conducted the research, says due diligence was done to ensure the results were reliable – even if some findings may be surprising.“I don’t personally know anyone who’s had sex in a canoe, or even how you’d go about that,” said senior research associate Sean Copeland, laughing.

“But I do know canoe usage is quite high in North America.”The online survey of 1,003 adults, aged 18 to 49, was taken Dec. The results are weighted to reflect the population and no margin of error is [email protected]/popcultini We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts.

The results collectively confirm that when it comes to intimacy, the True North is indeed strong and (very) free.“There’s a stigma about Canadians being somewhat reserved,” said Sohana Samanta, brand manager for Playtex feminine care.

“But some of the greatest findings in this survey speak to the fact that Canadians are a lot more adventurous and sexually uninhibited than we believed…


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