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Even though I grew up in a technological age, I fear we have become too plugged in.

With the constant advancements in the field of social media, we no longer need to call someone to see how they're doing, as we can read statuses and tweets about their lives from a device that fits nicely into the palm of our hands.

Surely it's logical to assume that the negation of that right would reduce the crime rate? No, comes the US right-wing insta-reply: it’s not guns that kill people, it’s people that kill people.

This question — and that response — have clearly been frothing around the brains of Danish filmmaker collaborators Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, the result being this curious fable.

They meet on a regular basis, wear uniforms (in this case daft, Dick Turpin-esque fancy dress), perfect their firing techniques and discuss their passion for guns — all with the implicit approval of the authorities, represented by Bill Pullman’s Sheriff, who even describes Dick as the kind of man who made America great; exactly how the modern-day militias see themselves.

I understand how convenient the world of online dating is.You no longer need to spend long lonely nights on George Street trying to figure out who is single and who is taken. Instead, they're listed for you: age, location, interests and of course, intent, starting with your best match. I still go out to parties and bars, concerts and fundraisers.Why would I need a website to help me meet new people when I'm constantly seeing new faces every day?I thought online dating was still mostly reserved for divorcees, widows and lonely, socially inept leftovers from Generation X. To understand where they were coming from, I had to see it through their eyes.You can only imagine my surprise to find out two of my 21-year-old girlfriends were both dating men they had met online through Plenty of Fish. The only way to formulate a well-rounded opinion on online dating was to sign myself up and see what happens.In the one case where I thought brain would win over brawn, I have been sorely disappointed.Since creating my account, I have received over 300 messages from all kinds of men; young, old ... They vary from Goodlife jocks, mohawked metalheads, dreadlocked hippies or tattooed hipsters to studs in hard hats and construction vests, b'ys on Ski-Doos, hunters proudly holding up a moose head, covered in blood.Consequently, widespread culty appeal is something it'll fail to achieve, even if it gives those of us who do choose to peer down its barrel something to talk about.A stylish exploration of America’s gun fetish which engages the brain, but sadly leaves your heart in neutral.Using a fake name and a fake birthday, I uploaded a picture of myself wearing one of my numerous brightly coloured wigs.Less than two minutes after I had completed the sign-up process, I got my first bite. A small biography with a minimum of 100 characters is required, while interests and your ideal first date are optional.


  1. Dear wendy. Originality Design Social Media. Basically, is a relationship advice blog wherein the author. Online dating, speed dating or other types of hipster dating methods have been around for some time, but a surprising number of people don't know much.

  2. Sep 8, 2017. If your partner asked you to give up your kids to be with them, you probably wouldn't give a second thought to tossing that person to the curb. When it comes to dating people who are parents, it should always be assumed that their children are a package deal. Nobody should ever ask their partner to choose.

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