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Different terms for dating

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And ultimately it's just a reaction that you want," Hainer told Swedish Radio.

"Then it turned out that almost all my female friends had experienced the same thing, and the men did not seem to understand the symbolism of these pictures," Hainer told Swedish Radio.

The very idea of "Men Are Showing Me Their Pricks" was to understand why men engage in sending "dickpics" at all.

According to Caroline Hainer, it began when she herself started receiving unsolicited pictures of men's private parts on different dating forums.

READ MORE: Norwegian Writer Working on Children's 'Porn Book' Together With Daughter According to Hainer, the symbolism is about power, danger and advantage, which are properties a woman cannot not convey through the image of her own genitalia.

In the book, Hainer maintains a deep discrepancy between the feelings of the sender and the recipient.


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