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In 665 BC Corfu fought Corinth in what was the first recorded sea battle in Greece.Eventually Corfu earned independence, and turned to mercantile pursuits.Because of its strategic location, Corfu was a much desired and much fought-over place, and has many castles and fortifications throughout its length.

Corfu is one of Greece's most beautiful islands, with a highly developed tourist infrastructure along its coastal areas.

Kerkyra was the name of the daughter of Asopos, the river god.

Only the Greeks use the name Kerkyra, "Corfu" being the name the rest of the world uses.

A great deal of civil and military construction also took place, particularly in Corfu Town.

The town had, gradually, starting about a thousand years previously, become the capital city, having been moved from the less defensible Paleopolis (Old City), just a few kilometers south and near the modern airport, where its ruins can now be visited.


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