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Beneath her jeans and buttoned up shirt she wore lacy garters and panties that framed and complimented her cute little chastity cage quite well.

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Mommy must have seen the look in her eyes, because she laughed as she pulled her phone back to look at it again, “I know, right?And once he’s had his fun with you, Mommy gets her turn.”She’d walked around with her phone in her hand and held it low so Sophie could see it through tear distorted eyes.It showed a picture of a man from his strong jawline down to the tops of his knees.She remembered as her Mommy had stood behind her in jeans and a loose fitting sweater, lecturing as she worked the mini strap all across the vulnerable flesh.“The next time I tell you that you’re going to do something, I don’t want to hear anything from you but a sweet little, ‘Yes, Mommy,’ do you understand?”Sophie had been gagged then too, unable to do anything but cry as Mommy continued to punish her for her disobedience.“You liked Victor well enough when we met him for lunch the other day,” Mommy had said, giving Sophie’s aching sack a particularly hard swat, making her pull futilely at her restraints as she struggled to get away.Sophie had recognized one of the tattoos on his forearm from their lunch, identifying the man as Victor.He wore no clothes in the picture, showing off well-muscled arms arms with a strong barrel chest and a thick, dark mat of manly hair across it.Not just his interest in her, but his curiosity about Sophie as well, which had come as something of a surprise to the little sissy.When they had all met for lunch, Sophie had been allowed to dress like a man, or as close to a man as she was ever allowed.Trapped tight in her chastity cage, it had made the perfect target for her Mommy to discipline when she’d started being difficult.A miserable tear slipped from the corner of her eye as another wave of agony rolled through her abused little orbs.


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