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Error validating ldap url and credentials

Validating that identity establishes a trust relationship for further interactions.Authentication also enables accountability by making it possible to link access and actions to specific identities.When Citrix Receiver switches between Store Front servers in multiple datacenters, it’s possible for each datacenter to be treated as a separate Receiver site. From Juan Zevallos at Citrix Discussions: To have multiple Store Front deployments across a GSLB deployment, here are the Store Front requirements: If you are running Xen App / Xen Desktop in multiple datacenters, you must design roaming profiles and home directories correctly.The Optimal Gateway feature lets you override the Net Scaler Gateway used for ICA connections.Shaun Ritchie Citrix Store Front High Availability and Aggregation – A dual site Active Active design has a sample multi-site configuration using XML Notepad and explains how to use the Primary and Secondary keywords to override farm priority order.Citrix Blogs Store Front Multi-Site Settings: Some Examples has example XML configurations for various multi-datacenter Load Balancing and failover scenarios.For greater security, however, follow the additional guidelines described in "Guidelines for Securing Passwords".To create passwords for users, you can use the Database security systems that depend on passwords require that passwords be kept secret at all times.

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Database administrators and security officers control this policy through user profiles, enabling greater control of database security.

Use the Release 1 (11.1), most of its default accounts are locked with the passwords expired.

If you have upgraded from an earlier release of Oracle Database, you may have user accounts that have default passwords.

Recently Citrix made some code changes to accept a single FQDN for both.

This assumes that external users resolve the single FQDN to Net Scaler Gateway and internal users resolve the same FQDN to Store Front Load Balancing.


  1. In this tutorial learn how to integrate LDAP and Active Directory. Validating user credentials. string domain, string password, string url { var credentials.

  2. I tested the LDAP credentials username, password, ldap URL. Authentication Process “Bad Credentials” msg. 3.1 I get the error message "Bad Credentials".

  3. Ldap ldap_url=ldaps. SQuirreL using my LDAP credentials with no problems at all. Error validating LDAP user.

  4. Using C# to authenticate user against LDAP. bcz if i try to use Ldap in principalcontext it brings an error that it cant. credentials against.

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