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Error validating ldap url and credentials

These are default accounts that are created when you create a database, such as the accounts.

For greater security, change the passwords for these accounts.

Shaun Ritchie Citrix Store Front High Availability and Aggregation – A dual site Active Active design has a sample multi-site configuration using XML Notepad and explains how to use the Primary and Secondary keywords to override farm priority order.

Citrix Blogs Store Front Multi-Site Settings: Some Examples has example XML configurations for various multi-datacenter Load Balancing and failover scenarios.

Authentication also enables accountability by making it possible to link access and actions to specific identities.

Optimal Gateway requires datacenter-specific DNS names for Net Scaler Gateway.

Docs.Set up highly available multi-site store configurations explains configuring XML files on Store Front to aggregate identical icons from multiple farms/sites.

When Citrix Receiver switches between Store Front servers in multiple datacenters, it’s possible for each datacenter to be treated as a separate Receiver site. From Juan Zevallos at Citrix Discussions: To have multiple Store Front deployments across a GSLB deployment, here are the Store Front requirements: If you are running Xen App / Xen Desktop in multiple datacenters, you must design roaming profiles and home directories correctly.

The Optimal Gateway feature lets you override the Net Scaler Gateway used for ICA connections.


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