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Evaluation of self consolidating concrete for bridge structure applications 5 25 speed dating nyc

For example, the Nevada DOT requested a workshop on SCC for an awarded project, which specified SCC for drilled shafts.

The Nevada DOT involved the state laboratory technicians, construction quality control and quality assurance personnel, and the contractor's crew in the workshop.

The project started out with the experimental use of SCC in one of the drilled shafts under the IBRC program.

The experiment was so successful that the South Carolina Department of Transportation decided to use SCC for production of the five remaining drilled shafts.

Test shafts were constructed to gain valuable lessons in planning, designing, and placing the SCC in over 80 drilled shafts with 7 and 8 ft ( 2.1 and 2.4 m) diameters.

In addition, SCC drilled shafts have been constructed in New Jersey and Virginia.

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The projects cover a wide range of applications, including beams and girders, bridge piers and pile caps, columns, abutment walls, retaining walls, drilled shafts, traffic barriers, bridge rails, bridge repairs, and prefabricated elements and systems.

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) has generated worldwide interest in research and applications in precast and cast-in-place highway construction.

SCC has many engineering, architectural, economic, and environmental benefits.

Eliminating the need for concrete vibration reduces the noise level in the plants and at the construction sites, resulting in improved environmental and working conditions.

SCC cuts down on the labor needed and wear and tear on equipment and formwork because internal and external vibrators are not used.


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