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Excel vba application screenupdating does not work

Hopefully someone can come up with a reason for Screen Updating not taking effect when I open a new Workbook.

Enable Events = True End Sub There is quite a few redundancies in there as well as commented out lines that show various things I've tried. X settings to False, opened the Workbook, ran the macro, and closed.

Sub Insert Text() Dim Doc As Document, str Text To Insert As String, str Text To Find As String Dim i As Long, doc To Open As File Dialog, s Hght As Single Dim rng To Search As Word. One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community. This will speed up operations while also providing the user with a better and more tolerable experience. It will be specially usefull with those horrible macros made by the recorder, full of unnecessary "select" and "activate". I had a long-running macro several years ago that took almost a minute to run. Paste And Format (wd List Combine With Existing List) ' The above inserts a line which creates a second page, so delete a line after Selection. Delete Unit:=wd Character, Count:=1 Active Document. Close Save Changes:=wd Save Changes Next Set doc To Open = Nothing: Set Doc = Nothing ' Switch Screen updates back on Application.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.To make sure this is efficient going forward, I want to prevent that from happening. Enable Events = False Dim bk As Workbook Dim result As Long Dim a WB As Workbook Dim a WS As Worksheet Set a WB = Active Workbook Set a WS = Active Workbook. Here is currently what my code looks like: Sub find Row() Application. An add-in not only allows you to use a macro from any instance of Excel, but you can also edit your code and add new macros to a common repository from any instance also. Setting Screen Updating to false only prevents spreadsheet updates from showing. Although there are ways to hide the opening of a workbook, or access workbook data without creating an instance of Excel, for the task you're describing of creating a VBA library, the way to go about that is to create an Excel add-in.There are a number of workbooks opened prior in the code and this snippet closes everything except This Workbook. Screenupdating = False, but that doesn't seem to work. Good evening bigjdawg43 Is that not what is supposed to happen? The "For Each..." statement cycles through all workbooks open in Excel and asks "is this the currently active workbook?


  1. May 01, 2016 Excel 2013 Application. ScreenUpdating Multiple Workbooks. If you come back to find it doesn't work for you. Excel 2013. A VBA process runs.

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