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So even if you grew up in a big city, there may be only two or three other little people in your age group — and since families who have children with dwarfism often connect, "the likelihood is you grew up with them, and they're like a brother.

It doesn't mean you can't date, but it's harder."Because of this, a lot of relationships between little people start out long-distance.

I personally favor small cars with large back windows for visibility — I've had several Volkswagen Jettas and currently drive a Mazda 3 Hatchback, for instance.

But with the help of tools like pedal extensions and seat cushions, we can actually drive any car we desire.3. We may be tiny, but our stomachs are just as big as yours.

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But we are very capable of asking for it when we need it.Becky says they'll give it another year before one of them relocates so they can be together — she and her last boyfriend, who she also met at a convention, moved in together more quickly, and it put a lot of pressure on the relationship.He couldn't find a job in the area, and he didn't get along with her friends; they ended up breaking up.She was initially worried he wouldn't like her because he was average-sized, but he gave her his phone number, came over for dinner, and they've been together ever since.She says she had to get over her fears of being unlovable to be with him, but he had his own issues to deal with too, like a divorce and a child lost at birth.And just this past winter while I was out shopping, I was asked multiple times (and even followed out of the store! It was that day when I realized there are a lot of things that average-sized people don’t know about little people — things that all those reality shows and slapstick comedies can't teach them. We are just as intelligent as average-sized people.This may seem obvious, but it’s worth reminding: our bodies are smaller, but our brainpower is not.She and her husband both have the bone condition osteogenesis imperfecta, which affects their height, but growing up, he felt "too cool" for conventions: "He's glad his parents took him but he wasn't the one asking to go." She says adult men, too, may have less interest in being part of a community of little people.Jim Kay, who is 75 and LPA's historian, thinks the unwillingness of men to go to conventions is a symptom of a bigger problem: "Girls today, whether they're little or average, are much more knowledgeable, much more assertive, and many of them will make the first move," and guys aren't keeping up.Smith also says dating average-sized people in general used to be looked down on in LPA, but now it's much more common — she estimates that about half of little people end up with average-sized partners.Julie Genovese, author of the memoir Nothing Short of Joy, is one — she met her husband at a holistic health fair where they were both volunteering.


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