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Flash player constantly updating

If Adobe's test page says that Flash is outdated and you don't want to wait for the automatic update, you can update Flash manually by downloading and installing the latest version from Adobe.If Adobe's test page does not show that Flash is working even though you have installed the latest version, your Flash plugin may be disabled in the Add-ons Manager.

Note: The Firefox Software Update feature does not update installed plugins.You can also check this by navigating to Adobe's version information page here.This will tell you if your computer is running an outdated version edition of Flash.That’s what we’re aiming to address here, properly installing the latest version of Flash to get the plugin working again in Safari and to resolve that error message.In a statement Adobe said the patch “addresses a critical vulnerability (CVE-2015-3113) that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.“Adobe is aware of reports that CVE-2015-3113 is being actively exploited in the wild via limited, targeted attacks.For the past five years, the option to view You Tube content using HTML5 existed, but the default was Flash Player.For the safety and security of your computer system, and also for the stability of web content you encounter that requires Adobe Flash Player, it is always best to update Flash Player to keep your installation current.To make sure that Flash is enabled, There are three different types of Flash Players: an Active X version for Internet Explorer, a Chrome version built into the browser and a plugin version for Firefox and some other browsers.If you want Flash to work in Firefox you must install the plugin version, as explained above.Mac users who primarily browse the web with Safari will eventually notice the “Flash out-of-date” message appearing somewhere in the browser.This happens because the Mac will intentionally disable the Flash player plugin when it has become outdated, preventing any potential security breaches from occurring.


  1. Every time I try to watch a video, it always ask me to update my flash player. So I tried to update it, but it says windows already installed the latest version. I.

  2. You can also check this by navigating to Adobe's version information page

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