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She studied in our college, so soon I learnt we were both assigned as roommates, and we became friends right from the start.We wore each other’s clothes, sat up all night talking and sharing secrets, and did our home exercises and went to parties together.It reached so close that I could feel the warmth of her hand against my pussy, which was already wet and starting to drip with desire. She gasped and moaned, so I licked her harder and harder, all the while thrusting 2 fingers into her dripping cunt.She stood up and slid her short skirt down, then turned around. I could tell that she was getting close to an orgasm, and when she came, she came hard.I started licking her wet cunt, while she kept eating my pussy, burying her face in me. I fucked her with my tongue, shoving it into her pussy as deep as possible and licking her pink asshole at the same time. We ate each other, tasting each other’s juices, drowning in love cum fluids. When she was ready, I gently inserted my finger into her ass. She looked at me in the mirror and told me I looked beautiful. It was crowded over there, I think all of our college student were there.The floor was so densely packed that we both climbed up on the table and started dancing with each other.

I exploded cum juices all over her hand, all over her lips and dripping down her chin. No sooner had I caught my breath as she climbed on top of me with her dripping cunt facing my mouth.

I had seen her topless before; for we did lived together.

But this wasn’t the same thing, her skin was so soft, so warm, and when we kissed, our breasts pressed together! It hardened in my mouth: she stuck her fingers into my shoulders and moaned. She started vibrating against my hand, and I knelt down and kissed her thighs.

One night, I was doing my makeup at the mirror, and she came up behind me.

She looked at our reflection together in the mirror.


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