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The only way to spread the good news as he envisioned, Soto decided, was to found his own church. He felt called to become a spiritual entrepreneur—an “apostle” in the lingo of some Christian writers whose thinking had come to influence him.Soto imagined bringing religion directly to the people by offering sermons or bible study in unusual places, like backwater towns, Cross Fit gyms, campgrounds, and bars.The congregations that have lasted have had to migrate often, as users grow tired with the faddish platforms.But Soto, along with a small but vocal group of reformers, believe that the time is right for a spiritual movement to gain momentum in VR.He graduated with a degree in bible studies and didn’t set foot in a church for years.Instead, he became a producer and worked for small TV stations.But that same freedom, Soto believes, can also fuel something deeply spiritual—it can provide a place where sinners and the saved can come together for an open and profound conversation about faith. For his VR Church to survive, he has to plant branches beyond Alt Space VR, on newer platforms, such as Sansar and High Fidelity. Which means that Soto needs the one thing that may be impossible to get: for mainstream Christianity to accept that the future of religion is virtual.going to be a preacher—until, suddenly, he wasn’t.

For college, Soto chose Pensecola Christian College, a Baptist school in Florida. He was turned off by the clubbiness, the message of exclusivity, and the extremely conservative politics.

During the school year, he attended Christian schools; in the summer, he went to church camp.

The youth pastors in his church were kind and he admired their dedication to kids who were struggling.

But Christianity, Soto believed, had stalled in this mission.

The ministers he knew were happy preaching only to those who walked through their doors on Sunday.


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