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As fetish culture is increasingly becoming more prevalent in Western media, depictions of dominatrices in film and television have become more common.

When applied to the wrists, a bar keeps the arms spread away from the body, providing an unimpeded access to the subject's torso.

Was she thin “but not anorexic, a shapely body, you know?

He doesn't give them money until their second date, when they're in the bedroom, which sometimes feels bad, which sometimes chips away at his this-isn't-prostitution line—Thurston was raised Catholic, after all—but what's the alternative?

If bars are applied between the knees and between the ankles, the subject may be forced to bend their knees, making walking even harder.

A pair of bars may hold the subject in a spreadeagle position.

“however, it is in the early fall.” The press release stated there are approximatly 700 Muslims working at Tyson, but Mickelson said that Somalis only represent approximately 250 of the 1,200 employed at the plant, a little over 20 percent of the workforce.

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